Pixar’s Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot: Will Disney Make An Animated Sequel to the Film?

Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Characters, Spoilers, Disney News & Pixar Updates
Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Characters, Spoilers, Disney News & Pixar Updates

Toy Story 5: When the 4th part of this movie hit the theaters it earned a whopping $922.9 million, at the box office, globally. Not just that, this movie was released in 3,610 theaters. This movie initially released in 1995. It has had audiences in different generations and many of them are still hooked.

It is evident that the 4th installment earned a lot and broke the box office record. This franchise has been one of the most profitable for Pixar so far. However, a lot of the people were questioning whether they will get to see the 5th part of this movie or not? Let’s jump right into the details and see what is in store.

Is Toy Story 5 Happening?

As of now no confirm announcement has been made from the officials. However, it should be noted that there have been major gaps between each sequel. Unlike other franchises, the sequel of the movie comes right after one part is released. So at the moment, it is a big question for all of us.

As per the official word, there hasn’t been any discussion regarding TS5 yet, not at least with Josh Cooley, the director of the fourth film in the franchise. Like its predecessor, the fourth movie ended in such a way that it looked like the franchise’s end. But, Pixar couldn’t resist themselves from making a new part after the third one.

So, when a great idea struck them in the future, they won’t hesitate in making a new film. So, who we are to say that there won’t be any new film in the series at some point in the future? As of now, there seem to be no more sequels for Pixar. So, they can concentrate on original movies.

The chances of a movie sequel depends on its box office performance. Needless to say, it has got amazing numbers. So, it won’t be canceled based on its profit figures. Therefore, we need to chill a bit. (check: Mirzapur Season 2.)

Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Characters, Spoilers, Disney News & Pixar Updates
Toy Story 5 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Characters, Spoilers, Disney News & Pixar Updates

Who are the voice artists in Toy Story 5?

So, if the 5th part comes back in action, we are expecting to see Tom Hanks lend his voice for Woody, Tim Allen for Buzz Lightyear, Madeleine McGraw for Bonnie, Christina Hendricks for Gabby Gabby, Keanu Reeves for Duke Kaboom, Jordan Peele for Bunny, Annie Potts for Bo Peep, Ally Maki for Giggle McDimples, Tony Hale for Forky.

This is not a confirmed list. There can be changes, but we are hoping that they all lend their voices in the future too. (check: John Wick 4.)

What will the plot of Toy Story 5 be?

Let’s say, if the 5th part is in the cards, we would most likely see someone new in the film. Toy Story’s producer Rivera said that he wants to show the characters feel complete in case if this is the last time of them coming on the screen. So that we can be content that our characters from there on would live a happy life.

We have seen in part four of this film that it was a perfect ending and a possibility of a new beginning for our characters. It looks like there can be a part 5 in the cards to give us closure. Also, Forky is getting its own Disney+ tv series. (check: World War Z 2.)

When will the trailer come out?

The possibility of this part coming out is not anytime soon. The 4th part of this film was announced four years after the release of the third installment. So even if there is no news as of now we may hear it in the future. So if the fifth part happens we will see it possibly years from now. If anything changes we will make sure to update you all.

Toy Story 5 Release Date: When will it premiere?

It is still early to say anything as the 4th part came out last year and every announcement has been made with a huge gap. The first film in the franchise released in 1995, the second came in 1999, the third arrived in 2010, and the fourth premiered in 2019.

So, I guess, we will have to wait for an official announcement. If Pixar gives it a green-lit, it won’t be made quickly. Because, if we look at the figures it can take at least 9 years to come back. But, let’s hope it arrives at the earliest.

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