MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner: Episode 22; Grand Finale; Prince-Anuki Won The Show

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22 Finals- Who Won: The Grand Finale show began with the task between three couples: Utkarsh- Sana , Prince-Ankuhi, and Zaan – Karishma. to prove themselves.

The semi-final task expected the couples to deliver a dance performance in a club in front of a large audience.the Semi-final task began with the sizzling host of the show sunny Leone grooving to “Laila Teri le legi”, the crowd losing themselves over her sexy mooves.

This followed the performances by the couples, Prince -Anukhi entertained audiences with their ‘chichora’ dance, while Karishma and Zaan’s dance became a little too Vulgar as per other contestants, while the sweetest couple Sana and Utkarsh managed to deliver a beautiful romantic performance even after Sana’s wardrobe malfunction, which Utkarsh could manage to keep her safe by taking over.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner

Then was the time for audiences to Vote, there were different colour boxes, where audiences had to put in their voting cards for those whose performance they liked. The result declared Sana and Utkarsh as first finalists with 168 votes, and much over the expectations of Zaan and Karishma, the second finalists were Prince and Anukhi.

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Before leaving Karishma expressed, that ‘she has really strong feelings for Prince and he is ‘a person she doesn’t want to take out in this life of hers”. Resulting in prince getting emotional and hugging her.

Utkarsh in the night tells Sana to forget friendship or brotherhood with Prince as this is a challenge for them and they have to win it.

Next Morning saw the much awaited grand finale, as the contestants reached the set up; they had to encounter the ex-contestants. Ranvijay welcomed and congratulated  the finalists, and informed them ‘the task they would perform is the most difficult task in ever in splitsvilla’, adding to him Sunny said, ‘the key factors to win the task would be their; adrenalin rush and a passion to win’.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22
MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Episode 22

Ranvijay and Sunny gave a brief to the task.

The task was divided into 4 obstacles/levels:  wherein,

  • in the first obstacle the boys would have to start crossing the hurdles, and pluck 4 hearts, then reach out to collect a pair of keys, which would help them unlock the girls who would be tied on a platform on the other end of the first obstacle, but this wasn’t that easy as the boys were blindfolded, and their connection had to guide them through, they could only unfold the blind once they grabbed the keys, after unlocking their girl, they would be required to pick them up as in the next obstacle,
  • the girls would be required to grab 5 hearts not with their hand but their mouths. after clearing this they would reach the dirty pit, wherein they would be required to pick all the orange balls from the pits using their mouth and hold it over to their partner’s,
  • moving to next round of crossing a bar- dug at ground level, by digging it and then passing under it. Reaching out to a bamboo puzzle where they would find a key, following the ropes they had to take the key out and then reach out to a box and take out the hammer, holding it over to their partners and here the boy would have to take over by using that hammer to break a box which had a ‘tiara’ inside it, the boy would wear the tiara to the girl and run towards the throne.
Sophiya hugging Utkarsh
MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Finale Task

After which the game began, most support and gladdening was for the favorite couple in the house Sana and Utkarsh, while Prince and Anukhi played really strong by taking over the lead most of the times, but the game became interesting at parts; when Prince or Anukhi used to get stuck, which became an advantage for the other two, there was lead by strongest and determined contestant Prince, but the game took complete flip when Utkarsha and Sana were still stuck in the second obstacle while Prince and Anukhi reached the bar (4th obstacle), Anukhi dug below the bar but while crossing under it, she got stuck and for a good enough time she could not move from their helping Sana and Utkarsh take a lead and reach the final obstacle of Hammering the box while Anukhi was still under the bar, she gave up and Prince really felt angry until Sunny came to convulse her up, helping her to get the energy to get through the bar and reach equivalent to Sana and Utkarsh, the game was on its high as this cover up shocked everyone and nobody knew who would win.

Splitsvilla 8 Episode 21
MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22

While Prince went mad putting all his saved strength in hammering the box, finally making a hole in the box, he decided to lay on the box and put his hand deep inside, by the time he could realize Tiara was in his hand, which he put over Anukhi, taking over the throne and becoming Ultimate King and Queen.

The task throughout was at the peak of its excitement as it was difficult to predict the winners. this surely was Prince’s hard work and good luck to have won a reality show consecutively, even while all the other splitsvillan’s were anti- Prince and  while Anukhi was always considered dumb.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner
MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner Episode 22

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