Multiple bomb blasts, six killed in Baghdad

More than two dozen people were injured and six killed during the multiple bomb blast. Also, big loss of human capital in and around the Iraqi capital of Baghdad as revealed by security and medical sources.

The police sources said that minimum of 2 civilians died and five more injuries were reported by the Arabic-language al-Baghdadia satellite television network after the explosion of the bomb near the several number of workshops in Baghdad’s eastern neighbourhood.

One more bomb was targeted the security checkpoints inside Yusufiyah which is around 32 kilometers in the south of the Baghdad. The report says that a police officer sacrificed his life and four other officials were injured.

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Multiple bomb blasts, six killed in Baghdad
Multiple bomb blasts, six killed in Baghdad

The early bomb blast on Tuesday include a commercial district which ended with a civilian dead and four other are seriosly injured. The bombers also targeted an outdoor market at al-A’amiriya, the neighbourhood of Baghdad leaving a civilian dead and eight wounded.

The sou otrces from the Sadr City situated in the Shia district of eastern Baghdad reported that a bomb which was attached to a car leads six injuries and costs life of a civilian. The United Nations Assistance Mission, Iraq after 0bservations confirmed 849 Iraqis were dead and 1450 more injuries and registers in the acts of violence and armed conflict.

As per the UN missions, the total number of civilian casualities made of total of 490. The nusanse includes the lives of 359 Iraqi security forces officers. The number of fatalities are more in main Baghdad.

After Daesh began the march via Iraqi territory in June 2014, the northern and western parts of the country have been made full of violences.

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