Naagin 13th March 2016: Guru Maa introduces Mayuri (Ichhadari Mor) to kill Naagin

Naagin 13th March 2016: Yamini is shouting at gardener yelling how she would be able to make the loss, meanwhile Shivanya saves Rithik and offers him her care and love. Rithik asks Shivanya he was in danger all the time how she could save her. She replies saying she heard Ankush Raheja framing his death as an accident and gets a slap from Rithik.

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Naagin 13th March 2016
Naagin 13th March 2016

Yamini still crying for the loss and then asks Ankush Maali about her acting. He appreciates kissing her feet and says she has got Ramola Sikand’s mind. Rithik shouts at her for blaming his dad and asks why he wants me to die. She replies he only wanted Nagmani and tried to kill him after he possesses Nagmani.

Rithik leaves in anger. She wishes if he had seen that footage. Sesha follows Gurudev’s order to protect Nagmani from Sangram Singh who eloped with Nagmani towards haveli.  Yamini and Ankush even start shedding their croc tears and crying loudly in front of children and continues until Rithik appears with Shivanya.

Naagin 13th March 2016 Written Updates

She gets fake happy and asks how did he escape, Rithik owes her life to Shivanya as he calls her for outing and accident happened and she could save me on time. Yamini thanks her and wonders she has got the key to Nagmani again and plans to go to Guru Maa for a solution. Guru Maa shouts on Yamini for making the loss of Nagmani because of her foolishness.

Yamini claims Naagins to be very smart and says they can appear in any face.  Guru Maa says she created what destroys nagins and a beautiful ichhadari peacock appears dancing like peacock on music. Guru Maa is smiling looking her. Sangram gets into Haveli and a lady touches her feet, he takes store room’s key from her, Shesh wonders what they are talking.

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Naagin 13th March 2016
Naagin 13th March 2016

Sangram prays and 5 mouthed Naag comes in the store room where Shesha couldn’t enter because of Belpatra at the door and finds ways to get in. He tells Naag his own family is after her he only wants to protect it. Nag disappears taking Nagmani along and Sangram too leaves. Sesha gets in and finds it to be empty gets shocked seeing a portrait of Sangram with son Rithik, sister Yamini and wife all in royal attire.

Ankush, Rithik and Ankita having alcohol in Ankush’s b’day party. Seein Yamini entering Ankush gulps shot and leaves and she smiles, Ankita leaves when Shivanya appears. Shivanya accuse Ankush for drama of love but Rithik denies.  She tells him they sold nagmani which you gave for family betterment and asks Rithik to ask about it as he denies.

Ankush make Mayuri (ichhadari mor) to everyone and says she’ll stay with them. She meets Shivanya and says our names are enemies of each other and Shivanya leaves. Mayuri starts seducing Rhitik enjoying liquor and touching him. Rithik leaves and Shivanya shouts what’s happening, and asks her to stay away from Rihtik and goes.

Yamini yells at Mayuri to do her job not to stare Rithik and reminds her Guru Maa’s wordswhy she was created, to kill nagin. Mayuri asks her to look after her bahu Shivanya what she’s up to.

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