Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016: Kaikeye makes efforts to stop Ram‘s Raj Tilak

Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016: Ram and Sita go between the parja before raj tilak. Two old people wear garlands to Ram, people sys Ayodhya’s future is very bright getting you as a king. They thanked all of them and went to the palace. The Pandit played shanks for Ram.

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Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016

Ram said I will try my best as a king. Ram asked parja for the blessing because without blessing rajtilk is incomplete. kaikeye sees a little crown of Bharat than Mantra says there is no use to see the crown. Mantra told Kaikeye that Ram will send Bharat to the vanavas after his raj tilak.

Guru Vashist told the Dasharath that the mahurat for Ram’s raj tilak is passing so we have to go Sabhagrah so we can start the rajtilak. They leave for Sabhagrah.

Ram and Sita smile to see each other. Luxman, Urmila, Mandvi comes. Urmila said they are waiting to see the Ram wearing the crown. Dasharath comes there with his queens, He said my life ‘s motive is fulfilled, Ram said where are Kaikeye. Luxman says I will go to take her, but Dasharath stops him and says I will go to call the Kaikeye.

Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016 Written Updates

Kaikeye thinks about what Mantra say to her. Kaikeye recalls her word and shouts I will never become Dassi, I will stop rajtilak. Kaikeye said to Mantra that you are right no one loves me in Ayodha even my husband cheated me. Kaikeye asked Mantra for the solution how she can stop rajtilak. Mantra says it’s too late, but there is only one way to stop it, Kumb Bhavan. Kaikeye shocked.

Malyvan told Ravan that he should meet Surpankha. Ravan says he has no time for it Malyvan says that he should meet her once as she is his sister. Ravan says ok but he will meet only for short time. Surpankha goes to her husband Vidyudjeeva and tell her brother is coming to meet her.

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Siya Ke Ram 13th March 2016

Vidyudjeeva says it’s good news, we welcome Lankesh, Suddenly a danav said that Ravan was the enemy of all the danavs, may be he come here for attacking us. Vidyudjeeva says this is not possible because after his marriage with Surpankha Ravan become his relative and he will never attack his kingdom.

Kaikeye went into a room and broke her necklace and all her jewelry. She tools black clothes into a chest. She wears the black clothes and anger up and starts crying. She shut the door.

What will Keikeye do next to stop raj tilak?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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