Naagin 17th April 2016: Shesha tells Shivanya about her feelings for Rithik

Naagin 17th April 2016: In the last episode Shivanya saw Yamini shooting Sangram and claiming herself to be the 5th killer and took Naagmani from Haveli and told Shesha about her.

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Naagin 17th April 2016
Naagin 17th April 2016

Yamini tried to trap Naagin and asked Shivanya to hang the bel patra toran to avoid Nagin. She intentionally made thali fall and prayed to lord Shiva to help her escape. She then fainted and the doctor asked her to have rest. Rithik took her in his lap and they had close moments. Sesha watched them and felt jealous.

Naagin 17th April 2016 Written Updates

Rithik kissed her and left for puja. Shivanya Some Naagin gave sleep poison to Divya and was present in the puja. She called Sesha but couldn’t reach. She called Aghoris who played been to know the truth and Rithik to didn’t stop him. Sesha started to turn into half Naagin and half Human skin and had a fight with Rithik but couldn’t bite him. He caught her with his ring. She converted into Naagin and ran away.

Shivanya angrily asked Shesha why she betrayed her as if puja would have been done then powers would have gone to Yamini. She said she had planned to leave puja in midst and ran away with Naagmani but she intrupted. Shivanya apologized and wondered now who would do puja? Yamini made an agreement with Sesha that she would make her Rithik’s bahu if she would complete the puja and would help her getting powers and tried to brain wash her against Shivanya.

Sesha faked her and said yes and thought she would take Naagmani and would become most powerful Naagin and would take Rithik herself. Everybody scared at home. Yamini assured everything to be fina and said Rihtik would kill that Naagin due to his special mark and he agreed. Ankush met her asked about Kalash. She remembered she already told him and thought she was Shivanaya.

She said just jal and went to Gurumaa for help regarding puja. Ankush checked kalash and found the stone. Shesha entered the Gurumaa’s cave with the help of Naagmani and Yamini introduced her to Gurumaa. She told them puja would be done next day on Naagpanchmi. They all planned to kill other two next day and would become most powerful.

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Naagin 17th April 2016
Naagin 17th April 2016

Sesha tried to touch Naagmani but couldn’t. Gurumaa said only rightful person as Sangram gave it to Yamini she could touch. Sesha and Yamini planned to kill Shivanya and took poison contained milk to her. Shivanya figured out about poison and excused. Rithik tried to have it but she stopped and confessed she loved him and bot had a romantic time. Sesha got upset seeing them romancing and her poison wasted.

Shivanya worried for Rithik. She told Sesha that she would drop her Naagin form and would live and die with Rithik. Sesha tried to separate and reached at dining table in morning in Shivanya avtaar and misbehaved with Yamini. Rithik came and scolded real Shivanya and asked her to apologize his mo. She thought she must be Sesha and apologized to Yamini.

Yami claimed she knew she’s Naagin and tortured her with ring and her scalp appeared on her skin. Shivanya warned she would expose her in front of Rithik. She challenged her to do that and sad she would tell him that she killed Viren, Shailesh etc. and claimed her to be killer. She even challenged her to stop from getting puja done next day. Shivanya wondered she would stop her and grab the Naagmani.

Gurumaa prepared for puja and wondered to keep Naagmani with her and Shivanya thought same. She asked her to take three Praikrama and Shivany couldn’t get access to cave and prayed Lord Shiva to help and she interrupted puja by fire.

Gurumaa called her hawk. Shivanya and Sesha had emotional arguments as She betrayed her being sister. She asked her to give Rithik and expressed her feelings. They both had ferocious fight and Shivanya tried to escape but her hawk caught her and she trapped her in his maya jaal and they all laughed on her.

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