Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016: Ram become emotional and happy by Sita’s surprise

Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016: Ram asked to Lakshman about Sita. He got worried for her. He asked to him in loud voice.  He told Lakshman something and went in search of Sita. Ram looked her on the bank of river. He got relieve to saw Sita. Sita felt his presence and smiled.

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Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016
Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016

Sita asked to him how he had come here. Ram said he was worried about her so he had come here. Sita smiled. Sita asked to him if one day she would lost in the forest. Ram stopped her and said he could not live without his Sita. He said he would find her from anywhere.

Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016 Written Updates

Sita hugged him and Ram also holds her. Sita asked him to meet with her after sunset. Ram became agree. She hugged Ram again. Hanuman was sat on the mountain. He looked a man in his dream. He got shocked after wake up. He said who that man was. He saw a shadow of that man on the mountain.

On the top of hill, the little boy saw Ram’s shadow on the mountain. He asked to Hanuman that who was that man? Hanuman said he did not know him but he believed that he would meet him one day.  Hanuman went near that shadow and prayed there. Lord Surya dev appeared there. They started some conversation. Hanuman again saw the shadow and smiled.

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Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2016

Ram came after sunset and he saw the beautiful rocks which were shined with diya bati. And Sita was stand there. Ram called her out. Sita went there and took Ram with her. Sita moved some clothes then some fireflies started to fly there. Ram smiled to saw the fireflies.

Sita said to Ram to close his eyes. Ram asked her why she was saying that. Sita convinced him to do that. She took him with her. Lakshman was also stand there. There was something which was hidden behind the garlands of flowers. Ram saw the garlands of flowers. Sita gave Ram a sting to open that garlands. Ram took it and opened the garlands.

Ram saw the statues of Ayodha family. Ram became emotional to saw that. Lakshman hugged Ram. Ram gave him blessings. Sita became emotional and her eyes became full of tears. She hugged him. Rishi Atari told Ram about the attacks of Rakshash. He told Ram that the Rakshash had created many problems for people.  He said to Ram that he would face great difficulty to fight with that Rakshash.

Rishi said to him that Sita would not be saved with him in the jungle. Rishi said he should leave Sita in this Ashram for her protection. Ram said that he would convince Sita for that.

Will Ram save the Ashram from the attacks of Rakshash?

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