Naagin 1st May 2016: Shivanya decides to kill Sesha as she kills Gurudev

Naagin 1st May 2016: In the last episode, Yamini killed Shivanya and buried her and left. She then killed Rithik and threw him in water. Shivanya didn’t die and took out Rithik with the help of other naags. Shivanya searched Yamini’s room and took Naagmani to cure Rithik.

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Naagin 1st May 2016
Naagin 1st May 2016

Shivanya took Naagmani and bees followed her. She prayed to Shiv Ji and took 5 naag form and burt all bees and left. Yamini called Sesha and exclaimed where black naagin went ans then got stunned seeing no Naagmani present at its place. Shivanya took Rithik in her lap and prayed Shiv Ji to heal Rithik for her sake if she was dutiful for him and Rithik then save him. Due to Naagmani’s power Rithik woke up.

Naagin 1st May 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya hugged Rithik in rejoicing and cried. She asked about him. He thanked her for saving her and apologized for what he did and for not trusting her. He regretted that she always tried ti show the truth of his Dad and Mother but he never believed and slapped her and kicked her out of house and life.

She claimed him to be her love and life and couldn’t let anything happen to her. Rithik told her that while Yamini stabbed him he remembered her and thanked for being the part. They both hugged each other and cried. She told him that someone waited for him and left him confused. She showed him Sangram and said he’s your real father the man came in his dreams.

They both hugged each other and flash back came of RIthik being a kid and praying to Shiv Ji with him the same he dreamt. Shivanya gave Naagmani to Sangram and asked for its protection. He returned and claimed it to be her and Rithik’s responsibility to protect it from Yamini and Mahismati. Rithik wondered who Mahismati?

Sangram told him that she’s a devil who took him for Naagmani and killed her mother and Shivanya’s parents and trapped him. Shivany asked to go to Shiv mandir to save Guru dev from Sesha. Rithik said he killed her, she said that was a drama. Sesha reached mandir and told Gurudev she would kill him and laugh. She took him in her hands and said he’s her baba and didn’t want to kill him but she wanted Rihtik and Naagmani.

Naagin 1st May 2016
Naagin 1st May 2016

Everyone rushed towards mandir. Sesha killed baba and left. Shivanya screamed baba seeing his body and said she would kill Sesha for killing him. Rithik consoled her. She said she would plan the same they did. Yamini reached to Guru maa and asked to find Naagin. She sent her hawks and they brought Shesha to her. Yamini asked for Naagmani.

They both accused each other of owning Naagmani. Gurumaa stopped them and did a test with nariyal and said they both didn’t have it. They said Shivanya took it. Yamini said she killed and buried her and left to re-check if she’s dead. Shivanya heard them. They both reached the buried place where Shivanya was lying holding breath and Rithik watching them.

Sesha checked and said Sorry Shivanya she had to die and she would live with RIthik and leave. RIthik took her out and she breathed heavily and hugged him and thought she should keep Rithik away for his safety. At seashore, Shivanya apologized Rithik for hiding her truth and he did for not trusting and hugged her.

She said they would be separated as soon as she would save him and Sangram and would take revenge from Sesha and Yamini as a Naagin and human cannot love each other as if one died other would lose powers and she couldn’t afford it. Rithik was left stunned. Yamini reached home and did drama and asked about Rithik. Her younger son said bhaiya is home and she left stunned.

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