Naagin 22nd May 2016: Shivanya kills Viren by shooting him with a gun

Naagin 22nd May 2016: Shesha said to Shivanya not to tell anybody about Kabir otherwise she would kill Rithik. Viren came to police station and said to the inspector to arrest Shivanya . Inspector said she would not arrest her unless they found proof against her.

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Viren said to the inspector that he would complain her to her senior. Inspector said ok they would arrest Shivanya. At home, Kabir wore a ring to Amrita and vice versa. Police came into the house and said that they came here to arrest Shivanya.

Shivanya said she was innocent. Rithik (shesha ) tried to stop them but the inspector said they have an arrest warrant. Police took Shivanya to jail. In the room, Rithik was caught in nagpash. He saw bailpatra on the window.

Naagin 22nd May 2016
Naagin 22nd May 2016

He came near the window and pushed the curtain of the window towards him so that bailpatra fall down on him. He became successful and free from nagpash. Shivanya was in jail she said to Inspector that she was innocent.

Naagin 22nd May 2016 Written Updates

She also told her that Viren had killed her parents. She said to the inspector to give her a chance to prove her innocent. Inspector agreed for that. Shivanya said to the inspector to call Viren to the police station.

Yamini told Viren that Shivanya had lost all her powers now she was not a naagin. Shesha came to the police station in the form of Rithik and gave money to Inspector and said him that to keep Shivanya jail forever. Shesha left.

Ritik came into the police station and requested to the inspector to leave Shivanya. But inspector did not hear him. Viren came to police station and saw Shivanya out of police station. Viren holds Shivanys’s neck and said that he would kill her like he had killed her parents. Shivanya pushed her back.

He again came to attack Shivanya but Inspector came there and stopped him. Viren pushed inspector and take her gun and fire on Shivanya but inspector saved her. He again tried to attack him but Shivanya picked up the Gun and shoot him. Rithik came there and saw Shivanya had killed Viren.

Naagin 22nd May 2016
Naagin 22nd May 2016

Gurudev applied some cream on Sangram Singh’s hands and chanted some mantra. He said that Maheshmati was in his body they would kill him. Shivanya and Rithik came to the home. Chavi blamed Shivanya for Killing Viren but Rithik said that Viren had killed her parents. Shivanya told all of them about Kabir. She told them that Kabir was a mongoose but no one believed on him.

Rithik took Shivanya into the room. Shivanya said to Rithik that she was not lying, Kabir was really a mongoose. Rithik said he trusted on her but no one can believe her without proof.

Kabir was in the garden, he saw a snake and became mongoose to see her and attacked her. Shesha came there and said to him to take control of himself. Kabir said to Shesha that he lost his control to see a naagin so didn’t came in front of him in the form of naagin. Kabir said to him that he would kill Shivanya soon.

Shivanya told Rithik that Kabir became mongoose after seeing a naagin in front of him. Shivanya said to Rithik that they should take Shesha in front of Kabir in the form of naagin.

Will Shivanya and Rithik’s plan successful?

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