Naagin 24th January 2016: Kabeer Fails In His Attempt To Kill Shivanya

Naagin 24th January 2016: The episode starts with Rithik crying after seeing Tanvi’s wedding ring. Shivanya comes and tries to console him and thinks about the person who had killed Tanvi. Kabeer laughs and comes to his mangoose gesture. He looks at the photo of Shivanya and Sesha and thinks of killing them.

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Naagin 24th January 2016
Naagin 24th January 2016

Rithik Shivanya and Kabeer goes to bury the ashes of Tanvi on the ghats. Kabeer saw a snake charmer and asks him to play the been until he asks him to stop. Shivanya’s skin color starts changing. She tries to run away. Kabeer runs after her. Shivanya changes to the snake.

He also comes in his mangoose form. Baba Bhairavnath saw the mangoose following the snake. He speels on the mangoose and throws ash on Shivanya. The mangoose escapes from there. Bhairavnath told her that she got off him today but he will attack her again. She asks if he was also an ichchadhari. He replied that he had no idea.

Kabeer entered the home in his original mangoose form. Ankush told Yamini that mangoose had killed her according to the reports of postmortem. Shivanya reaches home and notices mangoose’s footprints. Rithik asks the servant to clean them. Shivanya says to clean them.

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Shivanya goes to her room and told Sesha that mangoose had killed Tanvi and even a mangoose attacked her today. Kabeer passes nearby them and enters Viren’s room. Viren’s wife gets horrified seeing him. Shivanya enters the room and watches it with shining eyes. He runs out of the window. The mangoose runs on the building wall and transforms into Kabeer.

Naagin 24th January 2016

Yamini told Ankush that Guru Maa can tell us about the mangoose. Guru Maa told them that she has not sent him and if she had, he had killed the naagins till now. Ankush then asks Kabeer to go back to Canada. He tried to blackmail them emotionally and somehow convince them for his stay for some more days.

Naagin 24th January 2016 Written Updates

Kabeer then goes to a cave to eat cheese in mangoose form. A lady comes there. She searches for her cheese. He throws it to her and asks about the naagin in that family.

Rithik sleeps in the bed with the family album. Shivanya took the album and saw Tanvi’s photo in it. She thought that Rithik was deeply affected and hurt by Tanvi’s death so she should take care of him. She starts to wiggle her fingers in his head. He wakes up and start fighting.

Next morning, Shivanya is working on the garden. The Gardner comes and asks her not to do as he will do it. She denies him. She thinks of matching the footprints of mangoose in the mud. Sesha comes to her. Shivanya scolds her for coming as anyone could see them together and will question her identity.

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Naagin 24th January 2016
Naagin 24th January 2016

Kabeer enters and said that he knew her. They both get nervous. She said that she was a waitress. They both relax. He asks Sesha to take her for an outing. Shivanya tries to leave. Sesha asks her to stay there as Kabeer smelled wierd. Rithik comes there and his 2-3 siblings followed him. They also insist them for an outing. Kabeer says OK irritatingly.

Rithik again starts flirting with Shivanya. She gets shy. Rithik then falls and his head gets hit in the table. He gets a mare of him and a man sackled by Ankush and Shailesh. He falls down then. Shivanya saw him and rushed towards him.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Naagin.

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