Naagin 24th April 2016: Rithik sees Shivanya killing Ankush and promises his mother to kill her

Naagin 24th April 2016: In the last episode Sesha converted into Shivanya’s avtaar and tried to lure Rithik and wore an appealing dress and managed bed, but due to his mark, he recognized her and took her to Guru maa. Shivanya escaped from her cave and saw Rithik brought Sesha. Guru maa gave Naagin chutki to Yamini to help her.

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Naagin 24th April 2016
Naagin 24th April 2016

Shivanya strangled Ankush and shouted he couldn’t die before telling the truth to Rithik and left in Naagin avatar. Yamini yelled in front of Rithik and said she did a mistake and married her child to Naagin who killed Suri and Shailesh and now killed her husband Ankush. Rithik shattered and shouted Shivanya.

Naagin 24th April 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya went to the temple and met Sesha. She told her that her revenge finished and all three murderers had been killed. She repented that she had to bring truth in front of Rithik but killed Ankush in his love and now she wouldn’t be able to get him. Sesha said she would happily live with him and bite her and fall down.

Shivanya said mom knew she could do anything in anger so, she made her ready against her poison and stronger than her. Sesha left angrily. They took Ankush body at home and told Naagin did that. Shivanya showed her concerned and he asked her to wear Gurumaa’s ring but she denied. Rithik shouted because she’s Naagin and turned into half Naagin.

She yelled she didn’t kill Ankush, Rithik shouted he saw from his own eyes and threw her out and locked the door. Yamini smirked and wondered she’s the only owner after his death. Shivanya walking in jungle thought Rithik called her and looked behind but didn’t find any and said she would never be able to prove her innocence to him.

Rihtik threw her pic and burnt all her clothes and claimed his love is dead now. She got hurt by the throne and remembered how Rithik cared for her and said even if he hated her she would love him. Yamini faked crying and her children consoled her. Ramya asked them to give her some space and they left. Yamini asked her to come in real avatar and Sesha came into her avatar. She appreciated her drama.

Naagin 24th April 2016
Naagin 24th April 2016

Yamini asked her to kill Shivanya. Sesha said she couldn’t and said Rithik would kill her only if she would attack to her mother. Yamini said their thoughts match and praised her. Shivanya got attacked by bees and remembered Yog raj said bees come when mahismati clan comes. Bees freed Sangram and he got shocked as bees always attacked him and freed Guru maa. Bees then attacked him.

Shivanya burnt them to death and told Sangram she would Naagmani at any cost and told him Shesh tried to kill her. He said he would tell Rithik everything and said whom he would believe him of hr her fake mother. Yamini made Sesha attack her in Shivnaya’s avatar and let Rithik see that. He showed her ring and she escaped.

Yamini cried she would kill everyone and asked him to kill her. He said his love is strength and weakness and said he would kill her. She asked him to join to Guru maa she would direct them. Guru maa gave dagger to kill Naagin and sent her hawk to find her and they followed hawk. Shivnya killed Hawk and said she couldn’t be killed.

Rithik said he can. She tried to explain him and said she loved her he remembered romantic moments. Yamini shouted she killed his papa and took the dagger from him and stabbed her repeatedly. Rithik said that was enough and hold her hands.

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