Naagin 29th May 2016: Shesha steals Bhasm from Shiv Mandhir and Watches Shivanya and Rithik in Hawan Kund

Naagin 29th May 2016: Kabir asked to Rithik about Nagmini but Rithik refused. Kabir tried to kill Rithik but Shivanya came there and saved Rithik. Kabir caught Shivanya and said to Rithik that he would kill Shivanya if he did not give him nagmini.

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Shesha came there and attacked Kabir. Shesha caught Kabir and Shivanya cut his neck with axe and Kabir died. Shesa said to Rithik that she loved him so much, but Rithik did not care about her. Shivanya and Rithik left. Shesha listens to the voice of Mheshmati.

Shesha went to Yamini to ask about Mheshmat and Shivanya and Rithik went to Sangram Singh. He told them that many years ago big war was happen between suryavanshi and mheshmati. Suryavanshi won the war and lord Shiva made a wall between them which separate mheshmati from them and only a nagin could break the wall.

Naagin 29th May 2016
Naagin 29th May 2016

Yamini said to Shesha that they would take help of mheshmati to get the nagmani. Shesha said that she would break the wall.Rithik and become said to Sangram Singh that they would protect the wall from Shesha. Shesha came near the wall and try to break the wall but did not able to break it.

Naagin 29th May 2016 Written Updates

Shivanya and Rithik saw this. Yamini said to Shesha that the wall can be broken only on Amavasya. Rithik and Shivanya left from there. Yamini said to Shesha that now they would have found Shivanya and Rithik to got nagmani from them.

Shesha said to her that Gurudev always used a bhasm to found someone and she knows about the bhasam so they must go to Shiv temple to get the bhasam. They reached to the temple and Shesha stole bhasam and throw it to havan kund to saw Shivanya.

They saw that Shivanya and Rithik were coming to the temple so they hide. Shivanya and Rithik came to the temple. Shivanya told Gurudev that Shesha tries to break the wall so gave them a solution to stop Shesha. Gurudev told them that only Kali Maa could stop Shesha so they must do pooja of Kali maa.

They agreed from this. Shesha and mini listened to all this. Shesha said to her that she would stopped them to do this pooja. Angad went to yamini’s room and he listens to the talk between Shesha and yamini and shocked to know that Yamini tried to kill Rithik.

Naagin 29th May 2016
Naagin 29th May 2016

He told all this to Amrita and Priti. He said to them to keep an eye on mom and he was going to save Rithik. Rithik and Shivanya were preparation for pooja. Anagad came there and told the truth to Rithik. Rithik said that he already know the truth. Gurudev gave rudraksh mala to Rithik to stopped Shesha to spoil pooja.

Shiavnya said to Rithik that Shesha could be come in any form so he must take care of him. Shesha said to Rithik that Shesha may come in her form so they put a code word to recognise her. Rithik went to take water for pooja.

Shesa came there and form herself as Shivanya and came closer to Rithik. Rithik doubts on her so he asked the code word but Shesha gave the wrong answer. Rithik wears her rudraksh mala and stopped her. Rithik told all this to Shivanya. Shivanya started the pooja and prayed to kali maa to give her power to protect nagmani.

Will Shivanya able to complete pooja?

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