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Naagin 3rd January 2016: The episode started with Rithik trying to hug Shivanya. She said she is though his wife but he can’t force her to do anything. Shivanya laughed after she killed Guru maa and thought she wanted to kill nag clan but died. She then tried to leave but could not. Guru maa came back to life and said she came with her wish but cannot go with her wish.

Rithik apologized for his behavior and Shivanya started crying and said that he is good and she does not deserve him. He said he felt bad as he cannot see the love for him in her eyes. He said we would be like friends and enjoy. She said she wanted to see his photo in royal dress. She was taken by him to store room but were unable to see the photo.

Naagin 3rd January 2016

Guru Maa told Sesha that she had more poison and if she bites her she will die. She then tied Sesha with wires.

Shivanya searched for the hidden secret in the store room. Rithik came back and asked her what was she searching. She said she was searching her mangal sutra everywhere and found it here. She wore it and told her that her mother had said it is a woman’s most prestigious ornament. She saw his photo in raja’s dress and asked her when it was clicked to which he didn’t but his dad had.

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Guru Maa is chanting the mantra and attacked Sesha she tries to escape but fails.

Shivanya got a dream and wakes up shouting. Rithik asked her what happened. She said she had a bad dream. He consoled her and said her to take a sleep. She started thinking that there is something in this haveli and she has to find it out.

Naagin 3rd January 2016
Naagin 3rd January 2016

Shivanya finds a door inside the store room. She starts thinking that there is a secret haveli in this haveli. She saw a huge lock and got inside in nagin form and saw a man tied to chains. She thought that he might be the 5th murderer of her parents. She got Rithik there and insisted him to break the lock and get in there.

They see no one there and Rithik said that it was her imagination and nobody was present. She thought how it could be possible as she had heard someone’s voice and nobody can escape. He said it might be her thought. She found an anklet and recalled that it was present in raja’s leg and thought that someone was there and knew the secret.

A masked man is dragged from the jungle by Shailesh and Ankush and discussed that caretaker informed them on time unless their secret would have been out. Shivanya has reached inside the haveli and they have to know her motto.

Yamini was busy guiding cooks for preparing dinner. Rithik and Shivanya entered. She asked why they came so early. Ankush asked where they went. He said they were at the hotel. Ankush said that they went to Panchner’s haveli. Yamini got angry and scolded them for going there even after her warning.

Naagin 3rd January 2016
Naagin 3rd January 2016

Shivanya and Rithik got tensed. Ankush said he got the caretaker’s call. Shivanya thought that Ankush took the tied man. Yamini asked her why she disobeyed her. At the same moment, Ankush got Guru maa’s call and she told that she has caught Sesha. Shivanya thought that she should go and save her.

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