JAILEY IS REAL, Justin and Hailey? #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty

JAILEY IS REAL #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty; Finally, we have the Pop star Justin Bieber in the lime-light once again.He is very well known for his on-off relationships. Once such relationship is with that of the other popular fellow pop star Selena Gomez. This on-off relationship has been going from years.

Justin, however, managed to keep it, but lately, we have headlines of his love life and he was seen flirting with  Kourtney Kardashian. It was not expected, it was seen as a flirt that he was carrying on but it seemed he did this to distract his romance /relationship but that seems it was mere to distract the audience and fans about knowing his personnel life.

It seems his romance with Hailey Baldwin is not a flirt but a real thing. Twitter can be seen trending about his personal life and his relationship.

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JAILEY IS REAL #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty

JAILEY IS REAL Justin Bieber and Ailey Baldwin
JAILEY IS REAL Justin Bieber and Ailey Baldwin sharing a passionate kiss

 The twitter space started to blow off after the images of Justin and Hailey surfaced in which they were sharing a passionate kiss. The Twitter went viral and tweets flooded saying ‘Justin and Hailey’ and the hashtags  #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty.

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The romance of Justin and Selena seems to end and the hashtags are the fireworks following the demise of  both. People also tweeted hilarious tweets.

Many of the tweets are seriously hilarious and people are coming up with new custom designed tweets.

For example, A Jailey fan wrote, “All I can say is… I FKN TOLD U SO! JAILEY IS & WAS ALWAYS REAL. & I’m inviting y’all 2da #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty I’ll bring the drinks.”

Another commented, “I’ve been waiting for this day since that day #JelenaIsFinallyDeadParty JAILEY IS REAL.”

JAILEY IS REAL #JelenaIsFinalyDeadParty

The latest news told by a source is that “Justin and Hailey were making out for everyone to see at a New Year’s Eve party thrown by Richie Akiva.”

It is a question of two sides one side wanting to take the hell out of Jailey and the other wanting to see Jelena back. The majority is trolling them a minority is supporting the couple.

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One might say people are curious to know about the medical conditions also.

Some might celebrate the burial of Justin and Selena’s romance and some were calling up Selena to hook up with One Direction star Niall Horan.

 Stay tuned for more updates.

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