PM Narendra Modi On Forbes List: World’s 9th Most Powerful Person

PM Narendra Modi On Forbes List: New York: people might question Modi’s schemes towards the growth of the country and might also question his leadership too, but surely no one can question the mark our Prime Minister has managed to make in people’s minds. (watch: Bigg Boss 9 day 24.)

The Forbes magazine’s list of most powerful people places Narendramodi as world’s ninth most powerful person, whereas Vladimir Putin, the Russian president is ranked 1st in the list.

To clear any doubts for Modi attackers, words from Forbes which goes as follows, governing 1.2 billion people in India requires  more than “shaking hands” , also it said that Mr. Prime minister must pass his party BJP’S reform agenda and keep ‘fractious opposition’ under control, looks like these words would be enough to curb any attacks on Modi.

PM Narendra Modi On Forbes List

the president of the most powerful country the united states of America, president Barack Obama is at the third spot while the second spot is secured by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Fourth is Pope Francis and Chinese President xi Jinping secures the fifth spot. sixth place is given to Microsoft founder Bill gates, US federal reserve chairperson Janet Yellen is seventh, David Cameron, Uk prime minister is placed eighth in the list. while the tenth spot is given to Google’s Larry page.

The magazine cited Modi as the ‘populist’ prime minister and the contributing factors to this were his official meetings with Barack Obama and Xi Jinping, actually proving himself as one of the prominent global leaders of today’s times.

With thirty-sixth place in the list is secured by only other Indian “MukeshAmbani-reliance industries chairman”. Whereas Laxmi Mittal the steel tycoon and Satya Nadella are the Indian-origin individuals fifty-fifth and sixty-first spot respectively.

PM Narendra Modi On Forbes List
PM Narendra Modi On Forbes List

Forbes for Obama said, without a doubt US remains the world’s largest economic, cultural, diplomatic, technological and military power but  the power and influence of Obama seem to be shrinking and fading away and its bigger struggle than even to get things done, in his final year of presidency. “at home, his approval ratings are perpetually stuck under 50percent: abroad, he has outshined Angela Markel in Europe and outmaneuvered by Putin in the middle east, “it added.

In the year 2014, Modi was at the 14th place in this list, it definitely looks like a great jump for Modi.

Forbes magazine every year releases the list of 100 people from different walks of life, assess their work and on the basis of the popularity rank 100 accordingly.

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