Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015: BB9 Updates; highly charged with action and entries big boss house

Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015 – BB9 Watch Online Live Feed Written Update: Hotel BB9: Troubles didn’t seem to end for Kishwar merchant as day 24 started with Rishabh   continued with Kieshwar merchant being made to run around by Rishabh and Mandana at a stretch for 3 hours. Prince’s idea to throw the bone out of the house goes wasted and Aman who threw the bone is punished to fetch the bone along with Kieshwar. (watch: Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan.)

While it was bigg boss season 7 contestant VJ Andy’s entry in the house which gave her a sigh of relief. Later in the night Rishab’s demand to see the dance performance by Keith and Rochelle in the swimming pool lit up everyone’s faces. As the night was dawning Rishabh continued with his tactics, it led to a heated argument between Rishabh and Prince which continued at short intervals throughout the episode.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015

The morning saw the departure of Vj Andy, who was sent away with all the love, who in turn returned the love by adding the 7th star which was removed by Sargun Mehta.The highlight of the day was when the house was all in smiles after Ali Quli Mirza’s entry  who was seen in his same flirty colors, trying to on to Rimi sen ,he was later joined in by Sana Khan BB6 Contestant,  the request made by Ali came out to be very shocking which led to Aman Verma going bald. he was not quite shocked with the request instead took it very sportingly. (check: Xiaomi Mi5 release date.)

Aman Verma goes bald

Meanwhile, other members playing the staff such as Rimi Sen, Digangagna Suryavanshi, and Yuvika Chowdhary led to giving up of the task. ultimately putting the other two contestants Rishabh and Mandana playing the guests into a safe zone (safe from next week’s elimination), as per the reward of winning ‘Khufiya Karya’. of making at least two contestants quit the game.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015

While the task was won by the house with Ali being happy with all the 7 stars to the bb9 hotel staff, Sana who was unhappy with three contestants quitting the game, removed one star but a sweet date proposal put her in awe.making her put the star back.eventually making the bb9 hotel a successful seven star.

After the task was over the day saw people going to Mandana and seeking clarifications, which finally made her say that it was a task and the two of them were supposed to work as a team. Now the house is seeing many members coming out of their comfort zones to speak out their aggression.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 24 Episode 24 4th November 2015 episode aired on Colors TV at 10:30 pm. Let’s see what twist the house goes through in tomorrow’s episode. Keep yourself updated with the latest BB9 news and updates. Keep visiting and sharing.

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