NGO provide food to transgenders during coronavirus lockdown in Delhi

NGO provide food to transgenders during coronavirus lockdown in Delhi

People all over the world are terrified due to coronavirus pandemic. A majority of population of developing countries are not able to get food for survival. This is so because they used to earn on daily basis to eat food.

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Now, everything has been locked down. So, those people are not getting any work or money and hence no food. They also include transgender community who are affected due to COVID-19 lock down.

NGO provide food to transgenders during coronavirus lockdown in Delhi

The Mitr Trust NGO of Delhi took a step for feeding transgender on Saturday. Rudranii Chettri, NGO Director said, “Many people are daily wage workers, they are not getting any help from the government. So we distributed food to them.”

He also told ANI, “We are not getting any help because many of us do not have any ration card or identity. The daily wagers are not getting anything.”

“We have been scared since we got to know that lockdown is going to be extended. I am trying to help my community as much as possible,” Chettri added.

During this tough times, people are helping helping each other by providing food and other essential things to survive. Government, NGOs, common people all of them are working hand in hand to fight against COVID-19.

Apart from that the majority are people who are staying at home are also doing great because staying at home also matters. Finally, the doctors and police are the ones who are working day and night away from home to take down the virus.

A study confirmed that anxiety, fear, and depression reduces human immunity. So, people saying at home should calm down their mind and help their bodies to fight back. For that Deepak Chopra released a documentary, The Mindfulness Movement.

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