One Piece Chapter 978 Release Date & Anime Spoilers: Kaido’s Son and Momonosuke’s Plan To Escape

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates
One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates

One Piece Chapter 978: It is going to release in just a few days from now. The anime series was on a week hiatus. In the previous segment OP 977, several intriguing scenes were featured which includes the search of Kaido for his son. (check: Winds of Winter.)

As per a new theory which is making rounds on the internet, the son of the captain of the Beast Pirates will play an important role in making Momonosuke’s escape possible from Orochi. It will be a crucial step in the series.

One Piece Chapter 978: The Escape Plan of Momo

If you have been an avid fan of the One Piece series, then you must know or aware of the fact that Kaido is the father to a son. So, it becomes extremely crucial and irresistible not to mention him at the Fire Festival. It can’t be ignored at the moment.

No ignoring him at this time gives birth to several fan theories. These can be broadly categorized into two broad categories – some trying to reveal the identity of Kaido’s son while others are trying to predict his role in the Wano arc. One of them suggest that the son of Kaido will play a crucial in making the escape of Momonosuke from Orochi possible.

One Piece Chapter 978 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, Raw Scans and Updates
One Piece Chapter 978 Release Date, Spoilers, Speculations, Raw Scans and Updates

Another One Piece fan theory says that Kaido’s son would see his reflection in Momonosuke. According to it, it seems plausible that the same unknown son of the Emperor will play an important part in saving the life of the heir of the Kozuki clan.

Assuming this theory to be accurate, Kaido’s unnamed son is going to be an important character in the overall plot of One Piece Wano Arc. Some days ago, IBTimes posted a report based on a fan theory that says we may have actually seen the son in the past.

Besides this, the same fan theory claims that the unnamed son could be a Scorpion Devil Fruit eater, as depicted in the head of his ship. If this turns out to be true, then he would probably be a powerful character, then he would massively impact the Straw Hats Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 978 Release Date and Updates

There are some fan theories in the favor that the identity of Kaido’s son would be revealed soon. However, there are others that don’t seem so optimistic. There are others who think that Oda will still try to hold the identity for a few chapters in the future.

In the OP chapter 978, we may get to see all the members of the Flying Six which came into spotlight in the last segment. The One Piece 977 revealed X Drake and Page One. Per the latest spoiler available on Reddit, the upcoming installment will reveal all the six members.

One of them is Black Maria. One Piece 978 is scheduled to release on April 26, 2020.

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