One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers & Manga Raw Scans: Will Flying Six Member’s Identity Be Revealed?

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates
One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates

Chapter 981 of One Piece manga is the next in the series to be released after #980 which came out just recently. The four members of the Worst Generation has made the ongoing Wano arc even more intense. These four include two from the Straw Hat Pirates – Luffy and Zoro. The other two are Eustass Kid of the Kid Pirates and Apoo fo the On Air Pirates.

They have created an uproar at Onigashima. It will be interesting to see if the Beast Pirates All-Star Queen, the Plague would try to handle the enemies on his own or he will report their presence in their headquarters to the Best Pirates captain and Emperor Kaido. It’s an unfortunate piece of news that the fans would have to wait longer than usual to get the latest updates on the OP manga.

This situation has arisen due to the ongoing crisis around the world. Almost all the tv series and film productions have been halted. Only a minuscule of them are at work and that too in the background. That’s the reason why we are seeing new chapters of the One Piece series after such a long time gap.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date & Spoilers

There was a special note on the last page of One Piece 980. It said that the release of the next chapter will be delayed by a week. So, we are expecting the upcoming chapter #981 of the manga penned by Eiichiro Oda to release on June 7, 2020. However, the manga scans and spoilers, as usual, would be released earlier.

Now, let’s come down to what can we expect in the upcoming segment. As of now, Queen is on his mission to hunt down Luffy, Zoro, and Kid who have created an uproar in his area. He may also reveal the real face behind one of the Flying Six’s members whom he had been planning to eliminate for a long time now. (check: The Greatest Showman 2.)

As soon as Apoo told Queen about the presence of the enemy in their headquarters, Queen announced that he would allow one person to become a member of the Flying Six only if he/she could capture any or all of the three enemies. Queen revealed his plan to eliminate of them and make one place vacate for others to fill in.

One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates
One Piece Chapter 981 Release Date, Spoilers, Manga Raw Scans and Updates

However, he didn’t mention any name for now. But, it looks like he has his eyes on the Beast Pirates headliner X Drake. It is completely plausible that Queen got to know about the real person behind the identity of X Drake and why he opted to serve under the Emperor Kaido. It was unveiled in the previous chapter that X Drake is Marine Secret Unit SWORD’s captain.

It was revealed that he promptly and purposely joined the Beast Pirates so that he could properly spy on Emperor Kaido right under his nose. In One Piece 981, we would also get to see Yamato. Maybe his ability of specific kind of devil fruit is revealed. He is Kaido’s son. Now, it looks the Best Pirates All-Star King the Wildfire was referring to this ‘family problem’ when he called all the Flying Six – X Drake, Page One, Who’s Who, Sasaki, Ulti, and Black Maria.

It is entirely possible that he wanted all the members of Flying Six to go in search of Yamato and bring him back before making his big announcement. Zoro and Luffy will try to make their way towards Nikaido’s fortress.

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