One Piece Episode 783: Spoilers and Release Date

Episode 782 of One Piece has been released and the fans gave it a good response. The excitement of the fans has shot up for the upcoming episode. They are eagerly waiting for the next segment to arrive.

One Piece Episode 783 Release Date & Spoilers

Though the filler arc was used in the previous series of the episodes in which the chase and hurdles for stealing food from the marine base by Luffy and his teammate were shown. But in new the episode of One Piece, a new interesting turn will begin.

From episode 783, the Whole Cake Island arc will be shown. This arc will twenty-ninth arc of the series One Piece and the second arc in Yonko Saga.

In the upcoming events, Luffy will be seen saving Sanji from the trap of Big Mom. Big Mom is after Sanji and Luffy know that. As from the previous episode, we encountered that Sanji is all set to marry Big Mom’s daughter, Lady Pudding. But Luffy wants to stop him from doing that. It will be very interesting to see Sanji and his team facing the challenges while saving the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece Episode 783

The twisted point in the story will be Sanji falling madly in love with Lady Pudding and this will become a problem for Luffy as he is trying to stop Sanji to change is mind and going back to his weakness for love. He wants to save him from doing the same mistake again. Also, many visuals are also released by studios behind the series which give us some vague idea about the latest arc in the story.

The videos show Sanji getting angry on Luffy and about to kick which shows he is going against him at some point in this arc. The fans will also finally get to see Luffy going against a Yonko in next episodes.

One Piece episode 783 will be aired on April 9, 2017. Finally, the viewers will get to some new interesting turn of events in the former series.

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