One Year of Modi 2.0: PM Narendra Modi’s Biggest Achievements So Far #HistoricOneYearOfModi2

Biggest Achievements of One Year of Modi 2.0
Biggest Achievements of One Year of Modi 2.0

On May 23rd, the BJP government marks completion of one year rule as his 2nd term as PM began in 2019. Read all the Modi 2.0 achievements and tweets so far.

We all remember his campaign Acche Din when he first pitched for the Prime Minister’s seat back in 2014. Now the campaign “Aatma Nirbhar” is about being self fulfilled and use less outside resources to lead a healthy life during the global outbreak.

The hashtag #HistoricOneYearOfModi2 and #Modi2.0 were trending earlier today on Twitter. Everyone suggested what they liked and disliked in the One Year of Modi 2.0 Government rule.

Modi loves to do things out-of-the box type, he is bold and takes challenges as opportunities to make the nation great once again. Most of his ventures have proven to be helpful for India. And we will talk about the biggest achievements of one year of Modi 2.0 term. Read: Eid Mubarak 2020 Wishes Quotes

Among the first programme, “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan” received positive response from people and everyone helped clean off the dirt from the streets. Then he proposed to start goods manufacturing ourselves through campaign “Make In India” which also proved to be a successful venture.

Biggest Achievements of One Year of Modi 2.0
Biggest Achievements of One Year of Modi 2.0

So far the one year of Modi 2.0 is going effortlessly but he has also shown how much he loves disruption too. In the last 365 days, we have seen the tax-bomb of GST dropping on our heads which led to a big controversy and damaged the entire tax chain of India.

Biggest Achievements of One Year of Modi 2.0

The year kicked-off flawlessly when Modi decided to make India a $5 Trillion economy by the next of session elections in 2024. He soon after proposed the idea to NITI Aayog and made the topic his sole speech to talk about.

PM Modi addressed the nation and asked the people to expect more structural changes and disruptive methods applied to the economy. But nobody should worry as we are doubling the India’s GDP to $5 Trillon in the upcoming five years.

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However, COVID-19 has put a halt to his idea but do not forget he was determined while proposing the doubling of GDP when the nation was already facing an economic slowdown.

The economy plummeted last year, previously to the global pandemic. The biggest reason for that was slowing down of rural economy and less attention to the agriculture sector considering 60% of India population is farmer.

Meanwhile, read some tweets from Modi fans and supporters.

Modi again came to the rescue with the mantra ‘Double Farmer Income’ where he asked Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman to deduce a plan to help ease out the agricultural procurement rules and giving them easy access to loans. So that they can store their crops in a better and sell it a good price

Agriculture center has received the most attention from One Year of Modi 2.0, it happened recently during the last week’s conference when Modi announced a COVID-19 stimulus package. It spoke about developing farmers knowledge and giving them mechanical resources to cultivate their crops with a little to no tax.

Narendra Modi wants Indian to become a manufacturing hub where people come to shop and large chunk of the production is exported overseas to grow the economy. Right now, India cannot fulfill sufficient resources required to run the nation but the ongoing programs “Make In India” and ‘Vocal for Vocal’ have turned out to be the initiative we needed. The tax slabs from last summer affected the entire Asia continent and India helped those in needs, all hails to Modi.

Stay tuned for more updates on Modi 2.0.

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