Online Baccarat: Origin and Rising Popularity in Asia

Online Baccarat
Online Baccarat

Casino games these days are numerous with a different theme and focus and Baccarat is one of the most popular today by engagement. Baccarat is an old game with existence predating that of online casinos and most modern games.

Baccarat’s wide acceptance by people made it part of the games in traditional casinos. Since the adventure of online casinos, online baccarat has been integrated as part of the collection of many top gaming sites. Online baccarat is without geographical boundaries as gamers can play online baccarat in India, across Asia and European countries.

Our focus will is the history of the online baccarat game as well as its fast rise across Asia. We will also delve into some factors responsible for the popularity of the game.

A Brief History of the Baccarat Game

The origin of the Baccarat game has been disputed to be from Italy or France. However, a study has revealed that the game originated from Italy. The Baccarat game can be traced to the medieval period in Italy which is about 500 years ago.

The game was created by a man called Felix Falguiere. He called the name of the game ‘Bacarra’ which is the Italian word for ‘Zero’. However, the French-speaking Baccarat was later adopted as the general name of the game.

Felix derives the game from an Etruscan myth of a virgin who had to throw 9-sided dice to determine her fate. The result of her thrown dice has consequences she must bear. If she throws 8 or 9, she will be elevated to the position of the priestess. A result of 7 or 6, she will be banned from future religious events. If she throws a number less than 6, she will drown in the sea to die.

It is the same rule that applies to playing of Baccarat game today. Although nobody is drowning in the sea, a result less than 6 makes you a loser in the game.

The Baccarat game was introduced to France by the French soldiers after they arrived from the Italian conflict in 1490. The game spread quickly in France and was given the name Chemin De Fer. The French King, Charles VIII adopted it as his favorite game. As a result, it became the game of the noblemen and aristocrats.

The Baccarat game became a very popular game for everyone in France. When casinos were invented, Baccarat quickly became part and parcel of the game. However, in 1837, it was declared illegal by Louis Phillip. Regardless, people continue to play the game indoors and secretly.

The introduction of the game to England cannot be traced to a particular channel. However, it became popular when lan Fleming adopted the game as his choicest game. Likewise, he created the world’s most popular Baccarat player, James Bond.

The Baccarat game was introduced into American inland casinos by Tommy Renzoni in the year 1950. It started as part of games in Las Vegas casinos. Meanwhile, the Caribbean and South America are said to have played the game in the olden days. It was called Punto Banco and was integrated into the old Southern American culture.

Changes were made to the game when it came to America. When the Baccarat game is played in Italy and France, a player will play against another player. However, in America, players play against the house instead of playing against another player. As a result of this, the style of Baccarat was called the America Baccarat.

The Baccarat game is a special type of casino game that is played by only a few. It is not a common choice of players compared to Blackjack and Roulette. The reason for this is because the Baccarat game always has a high minimum bet. As a result of this, the Baccarat table is always hidden in a separate room in inland casinos.

Why is the Baccarat game becoming popular in Asia?

The Baccarat game is appealing to many Asian gamblers and it is a favorite to many. It is not difficult to spot the baccarat table in Asian land-based casinos because the number of people will help you. The popularity of online baccarat is now skyrocketing considering the internet age and wide acceptance of social media. Also, the casinos in Macau and Singapore have made more money than casinos in any other city in the world. The larger percentage of the money made by these Asian casino houses is made from the Baccarat game.

  • The Asian superstitious belief

When it comes to gambling, the Asian has a lot of superstitions elements. In most cases, Asian gamblers are seen in casino houses wearing charms to influence their winnings. Interestingly, gambling is a game of luck in which charm and superstition are ineffective. Nonetheless, the Asians will rather hold on to their belief and charms.

One of the superstitious beliefs, why Bacarrat is popular among Asians, is the number 8. When a player gets the number 8 or 9 in Bacarrat, it is a sign of winning for the player. Likewise, the number 8 is sacred in the Chinese traditional belief. Therefore, they play the Baccarat game with the same belief. Oftentimes, you may see them betting on number 8 in the Roulette game too.

  • Baccarat game is easy to play

Another reason why online Baccarat is spreading so quickly among Asians is that the game is easy to play. You can easily learn and start playing like a pro in no time and there’s an opportunity to try it for free online. Also, there is no need for hand decision-making like every other table game in a casino. All you need to do is follow the Baccarat rule, which is easy to learn.

A player will only decide whether to bet against the baker or another player’s hand. After this is done, he only sits back while the dealer completes the remaining game. It doesn’t require much calculation and effort.

  • Small house edge

The house advantage in the Bacarrat game is relatively low to other games in a casino. This a reason that makes the Bacarrat game more appealing to Asians and a lot of other people. The house edge in the Bacarrat game can be as low as 1.24%. This means that a casino house is expected to make a profit of $1.24 on every stake of $100 and that makes it more profitable to players. As a result, an experienced gambler will choose online Baccarat over other games casino with a high house edge and low return to players.

  • Possibility of high winning

Online baccarat does not require huge funds to play the game and it boasts of a good return. As a result, the possibility of winning big is high. The house Ruskin Bacarrat game is 100 times the player stake. That is, a player with a stake of $10,000 can win a profit of $1million. This is one major reason why Asians will rather choose Bacarrat over other casino games.


The Baccarat game is undoubtedly special in the casino and gambling industry. Controversies are surrounding its origin but many trace the genesis of the game to Italy. However, it was a popular game in other parts of the world like France, England, and the United States. It has been called several names like Bacarra, Chemmy De Fer, and Punto Banco in different countries.

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