Orlando Millenia Mall Shooting: Who is the suspect/shooter (name)? Is he arrested?

Orlando Millenia Mall Shooting: Who is the suspect/shooter (name)? Is he arrested?
Orlando Millenia Mall Shooting: Who is the suspect/shooter (name)? Is he arrested?

Gun Violence has become one of the major problems in the US. While everyone is still recovering from the school shooting in Texas which killed 19 people, there has been another shooting at Millenia Mall in Orlando

This incident just makes one realize how important it is for the US to have a strict policy when it comes to guns with the increase in gun violence. In this article let’s find out what exactly happened at the Millenia Mall, were there any casualties, and if the suspect has been arrested.

What happened at the Millenia Mall?

An off-duty police officer was working extra duty at Millenia Mall, he saw a man who moderately seemed suspicious and asked him to leave around 7:12 pm. When he was escorted out of the mall, the man pulled out a gun and fired it. As soon as the off-duty officer realized what was happening, he called for backup. 

An on-duty officer was in a patrol car and caught up to the suspect shortly. The suspect went into hiding outside a restaurant Olive Garden across the mall. 

After a few gunshots were exchanged, soon, the suspect was shot. He died on spot after suffering from a gunshot wound. According to the police, it is unclear whether he shot himself or was shot from their gun. An investigation is taking place to determine his cause of death. 

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Who was the suspect at the Millenia Mall?

The suspect is yet to be identified. The man is believed to be in his 20s.  It is unclear why he was carrying a gun inside a mall and what were his intentions. It was the police officer’s quick thinking and instinct which has saved people from suffering from another shooting massacre. 

Were there any casualties at the scene?

Fortunately, the police officers acted on time. There were people around the crime scene, and as soon as they heard the gunshot they ran for cover. According to the bartender who works at Olive Garden, there were 50 people in their kitchen at the time the incident was taking place. People were scared and the school shootings had occurred a few days back which just reminded them how scary it can be. Fortunately, there have been no casualties during the shooting.  

The reports of the suspect are yet to come which will determine the cause of his death. More investigations are underway to identify the suspect and the cause of this incident.

As soon as we know more about this we will post an update on the same.

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