Ray Liotta’s Net Worth 2022: Cause of Death Cancer or Parkinson’s Disease, Wiki Bio, Daughter Wife

Ray Liotta Net Worth 20222: Death Cause Cancer Parkinson's Disease, Wiki Bio, Daughter, Wife
Ray Liotta Net Worth 20222: Death Cause Cancer Parkinson's Disease, Wiki Bio, Daughter, Wife

Ray Liotta Net Worth: Raymond was a famous actor known for playing the role of Henry Hill in Goodfellas. He passed away at the age of 67 on 26th May 2022, leaving behind a grieving fan base and family. Liotta appeared in several films and TV shows. His journey has been impeccable, although his career was sailing high, there were times when his personal life wasn’t perfect.

While we mourn the loss of Ray Liotta, let’s get to know more about him, his personal life, and who he exactly was behind the screen. 

Ray Liotta Wiki

  • Name: Raymond Allen Liotta
  • Date of Birth: December 18, 1954
  • Age: 67
  • Died: May 26, 2022
  • Occupation: Actor & Producer
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Nationality: American
  • Parents: Mary & Alfred Liotta
  • Siblings: Linda Liotta
  • Spouse: Michelle Grace (m 1997; div 2004)
  • Partner: Jacy Nittolo
  • Height: 6’0
  • Weight: 86 
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Grey

Ray Liotta’s Personal Life

Ray Liotta was abandoned at the time of his birth at an orphanage. He was born in Newark, New Jersey on December 18, 1954. When he was six months old, he was adopted by township clerk Mary and Alfred Liotta. His parents ran for political office but remained unsuccessful. Liotta also had a sister Linda who was adopted as well. 

Liotta was aware that he was adopted and in 2000 he hired a detective to find his biological mother. After locating his mother he found that he was mostly of Scottish descent. He had one biological sister, one biological half-brother, and five biological half-sisters.

Liotta completed his schooling at Union High School in 1973. He then graduated from the University of Miami, where he studied acting and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1978. He performed in various musicals during his time there such as Cabaret, Dames at Sea, Oklahoma, and Sound of Music. 

Liotta belonged to a Roman Catholic household, however, his family was not particularly religious they did attend church. He mentioned in an interview saying, “If I am in a fix I’ll pray, if I’m feeling uncomfortable about something I’ll say “Our Father’s” and “Hail Marys”.

Ray got married to Michelle Grace in February 1997 whom he had met at a baseball game, the duo went on to have a daughter Karsen. However, they parted ways in 2004.

Ray was engaged to Jacy Nittolo at the time of his death. Not much is known about her except for the fact that she has four children of her own. They were set up together by Ray’s daughter Karsen. At first, both of them were hesitant but eventually ended up getting along. On Christmas 2020, the duo got engaged and were set to marry. It is unclear whether they had set the date for their wedding.

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Ray Liotta Career

After completing college, Liotta moved to New York City. At first, he worked as a bartender. He got a talent agent six months after moving to the city. He landed his first role in the soap opera, “Another World”. He worked on this soap opera from 1978 to 1981. However, he left the show and moved to Los Angeles. He got his debut role in a film called The Lonely Lady in 1983. 

The first-ever big role that he had gained was in Something Wild. He even got nominated for Golden Globe for best supporting actor in Something Wild. In 1989, he played the role in the movie Field of Dreams, and from here on he gained more recognition. 

Soon in 1990, he was featured in Goodfellas. He was seen in multiple films like Unlawful Entry, No Escape, Unforgettable, Cop Land, Article 99, Operation Dumbo Drop, A Rumor of Angels, Hannibal, Heartbreakers, Blow, Narc, John Q, Ticker, Identity, The Last Shot, Control, Revolver, Slow Burn, Even Money, Take the Lead, Local Color, Comeback Season, Smokin’ Aces, Wild Hogs, Battle in Seattle, Bee Movie, Hero Wanted, Powder Blue, Crossing Over, Observe and Report, The Line, Youth in Revolt, Date Night, Snowmen, Crazy on the Outside, Chasing 3000, Charlie St. Cloud, The Details, The Son of No One and Phoenix.

 Liotta had numerous guest and cameo spots on television, including an Emmy-award-winning performance as Charlie Metcalf on ER and taking on the role of Frank Sinatra in The Rat Pack (1998), which earned him a Screen Guild nomination. He also lent his voice to Tommy Vercetti in the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. 

He had signed various brand deals throughout his career including KFC, Apple, Tequila Silver, and Chantix. At the time of his death, he was filming for Dangerous Waters in the Dominican Republic.

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Ray Liotta Net Worth 2022

According to Celebrity Net Worth & Forbes, Ray Liotta had a whopping Net Worth of $14 million at the time of his death. His source of income was through acting mainly. Although he was also a producer and a director. 

Ray Liotta’s Cause Of Death: What disease did Ray Liotta have – Cancer or Parkinson’s?

Ray Liotta passed away in his sleep on 26th May 2022. He was in Dominican Republic filming for his upcoming movie Dangerous Waters at the time of his death. Although there is no news of him being ill, it has come to light that he passed away due to natural causes. No foul play has been found, his fiancee, Jacy was with him on the island. 

Ray Liotta’s Fight with Cancer

Ray had opened up about how his mother was dealing with cancer while he was filming for Goodfellas. He mentioned in an interview, “My mom was sick with cancer during the filming of ‘Goodfellas,’ and she passed away in the middle of it. … It put things in perspective in a really deep way,” 

He continued, “I was doing a scene Friday. They told me. My knees buckled, but you realize you’ve got to go back and finish the scene. And I did.”

Liotta’s mother died in his arms and he recalled her final moments saying, “I went back that night, and luckily I was there when she passed, literally in my arms. I’ve never really talked about that.”

He stated that he had mixed feelings about the film even though it gained huge success. It was a major role for him and a dream come true but his mother passed away in the middle of filming.

Ray Liotta’s Legal Trouble

In 2007, Ray was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. He had crashed his car into two parked vehicles in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles. He was booked on a misdemeanor DUI charge but was soon let go after paying $15,000 bail. 

This incident happened after three years of his divorce from his ex-wife Michelle. 

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