Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Episodes: Will Netflix Return With The Series?

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates
Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates

Peaky Blinders Season 6: This show of Netflix has gripped audiences of all ages. From a person at the age of 20 to the person at the age of 50. It has brought attention from all types of audiences. It is now that the Peaky blinders creator Steven Knight has good news for all of us. (check: The Order Season 2.)

There were rumors about season 6 here and there but this news was officially confirmed by BBC news in March 2020. But when will the installment comes officially on air is the big question? Steven Knight told Birmingham Press Club that “we are definitely doing [series] six and we will probably do seven.” But, the question about the release date, cast, episodes, and plot arises in our mind.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date: When will it premiere?

According to the news, season 6 shoot was supposed to be completed by June 2020 but due to unexpected circumstances, the shoot didn’t begin. However, the work for pre-production is on and they may begin shooting as soon as they get the green signal. Director Anthony Byrne posted a long paragraph on Instagram explaining what went down.


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We were so close to the start of filming Season 6. Months of hard work by our very talented, dedicated and hardworking crew. Sets were built, costumes were made. Cameras and lenses tested. Locations were booked. All the prep was done. It’s a real shame not to be able to make it for you at this time. But I personally want to thank the crew that I’ve spent months working with and I want to send my love and support to them and everyone else. We are in this together. . . These are extraordinary times and we must be extraordinary in them. . . Remember who we all are as a people and look out for those around you who will find these times challenging. Dig deep. It will pass. . . Read that book that’s been staring at you for years. Write a poem, script, novel. Listen to music. Watch movies. Be creative. Make art. Share. Find the positive in all of this and use it. We will be better for it in the long run. Stay safe and healthy. Support the amazing people who are keeping the @nhsmillion going. Look after those around you and reach out to people. . Love & Respect to you all – A. . . @peakyblindersofficial #peakyblinders @ofycm #peakyblindersquotes #peaky #peakyblinder #peakyblindersofficial #peakyfuckingblinders @peakyblindersitalia @peakyblindersfrc #peakyblindersseason5 @bbciplayer @netflixuk #byorderofthepeakyblinders #tommyshelby #cillianmurphy @ofycm #arthurshelby #wecandothistogether #globalawakening #socialdistancing #staystrong #makeart #mentalhealth

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He further sent out his love and support to his crew members. He sure knows how to encourage his crew members. We can expect the installment to be aired towards the end of this year or most probably by early 2021. Anthony Byrne on one of his Instagram posts also revealed the first episode of season 6 is called, “Black Day”.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Cast: Will There Be Any Cameos?

The heartthrob of the show Cillian Murphy who plays Thomas Shelby’s role alongside him will be,

  • Helen McCrory as Polly Gray
  • Paul Anderson as Arthur Shelby
  • Finn Cole as Michael Gray
  • Sophie Rundle as Ada Thorne
  • Harry Kirton as Finn Shelby
  • Ian peck as Curly

That is not it, we can expect some celebrity cameos. However, it is not yet confirmed which celebrity will be coming to the show. However, there are some rumors around and we have our fingers crossed.

Are there any Peaky Blinders season 6 trailer?

There is no official trailer released for season 6 but by the way season 5 ended we can probably expect to see more twists and turns. Season six was due to be shot however the production for the sixth installment came to a standstill amidst the pandemic so no trailer could be released.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates
Peaky Blinders Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Episodes, Trailer, Spoilers, News and Updates

What will happen in Season 6 of Peaky Blinders?

In an interview, Knight, himself said that this will be one of the most gripping seasons so far. Although not many details have emerged so far, we just know that this installment may be the best. The fifth installment ending left us all thinking about what will happen next? Will Thomas stand against the fascist leaders? We all have different questions and while director Anthony Byrne has pointed out that he wants to make Thomas Shelby a good person by the end of season 6.

Is season 6 the last for Peaky Blinders?

While nothing has been confirmed by BBC. Season 6 was confirmed by them in March 2020. However, there have been indications of season 7 here and there. Until it is not confirmed we cannot say for sure.

It was pointed out that Steven Knight wants to portray the story of a family between two wars. He also said that he wants to end it with the first air-raid siren in Birmingham in 1939. He said it will take up to three more series to reach there. So that means there could be more for us in store.

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