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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Studying Abroad

The Positive and Negative Aspects of Studying Abroad

Studying abroad has become a global phenomenon. Students are crossing countries, oceans, and continents to get quality education from top universities. But why are so many students interested in studying abroad? The truth is that it has many benefits!

But this is not a straightforward decision for most students. Several cons have to be weighed before reaching the final decision of whether or not to study abroad. Before diving into the cons, let’s first understand the pros of studying abroad.

Top-quality education

Most of the students are after top-quality education that will give them the experience to survive on the job market. Being an international student greatly broadens the student’s options to pursue their favorite course in a top university. After all, why pay so many school fees and get poor quality education?

Top universities usually have many resources to invest in research compared to the local ones. As a student, you have a chance to interact with some of the best professors in the world.

Being at one of the top universities comes with many responsibilities, and you have to work extra hard to keep up with the pace of other students. Many studying abroad benefits will accrue if you ensure that you are constantly doing the right thing. Going through the study abroad essay examples on EduZaurus will help you understand some of the perks and reasons why you should. You can choose your favorite study abroad essay topic depending on your choice and what you would like to learn.

Career opportunities

Of course, one of the main reasons students are likely to opt for top universities is to improve their career prospects. Who doesn’t like getting the best experience that will outstand most job seekers? Employers are more likely to value job seekers with international experience and education than those from local universities or colleges.

While at the university, you will learn new languages, new cultures, and different ways to overcome the challenges of living in another country. As a result, you will gain a better understanding of the world. These are some of the major traits that every employer looks for when hiring.

Making new friends

Opting to be in one of the top universities in the world gives students a better option to study and travel to their best destinations. This is a unique opportunity for you to see more of the world, and it’s hugely rewarding and gives a better educational experience. You will connect with students from all over the world and connect with new friends.

Most lifelong friendships usually start at the university level. You will be able to live and travel together during the study period. This is hugely beneficial because you get quality connections for job hunting purposes.

Sometimes the high expectations of studying abroad can muddle the reality that awaits you. That’s because you are anticipating experiencing a few real-life movie moments. Here are some of the cons of studying abroad.

The Positive and Negative Aspects of Studying Abroad

Language and cultural barriers

Effective communication is really vital for the survival of every student while abroad. On the other hand, it’s very natural for the students to use their local languages, especially when they are out of the class environment. If you have an issue with the fluency of the language used in the university you have chosen, you will face lots of challenges.

It’s still possible to find yourself jolted by the sudden culture shift. That ranges from food to religious activities. Dressing code is another big factor that may affect you. Sometimes, you may feel like you are out of the place.

You are on your own

How does it feel about learning that every person you could freely talk to is many miles away from you? That may be your family or best friends back in your home country. This gives an intimidating experience that most students struggle to deal with. And it may affect you academically and in navigating the foreign destination.

Maybe, it’s your first time living on your own or traveling outside the country. The realization that you no longer have your friends may lead to a sense of isolation or some alienation, especially if you are not fully prepared for the transition.


Studying abroad offers a life-changing experience for most students. Whether the students are ready to experience life in another dimension matters. It will enhance your global network, which opens more opportunities to meet new friends and expand your career prospects. Though, the realization that you are on your own and the effects of the cultural barriers may lead to intimidating experiences while studying.

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