The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episode 15 Watch Online Live: Blossom to sway a famous scientist?

The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episode 15: In the upcoming stream of Cartoon Network’s series “The Powerpuff Girls,” titled “Blue Ribbon Blues”, it looks as if Blossom will try to create an impression on scientist. However the odds may not be in favour of her and things might go on unexpected tracks.

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A synopsis of the episode reads, “At the school science fair Blossom tries to impress a guy from science (scientist).” The Powerpuff Girls wiki told that Blossom is trying to do so, in order to get the science teacher’s blue ribbon.

In the recent episode of the series, titled “Puffdora’s Box,” while dusting the house, Blossom dropped 3,000-year-old box accidently and released a group of party-loving ghosts.

The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episode 15

The professor instructed the girls to clean up the place and make piles of things. After he left, Buttercup and Bubbles made up their mind to stock all the things into two piles, one labelled as “KEEP” and the other one as “TOSS”.

The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episode 15

However, Blossom being a born leader, opposed to the method and dictated to them her intensive plan of making more than two piles.  Hesitant at first the two later decided to do it by Blossom’s way.

Bubbles soon hunched that the work was getting too heavy and extensive and had a burnout. Buttercup said that they won’t be able to cope with this plan. When Blossom didn’t pay any heed, Buttercup along with Bubbles left and Blossom totally fumed up decided to do all the work by herself.

The Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episode 15

Unfortunately, while stocking up the piles, Blossom opened the box from the professor’s laboratory as a result of which several monsters made their entrance into the house and frightened her that they will proc to conquering the world from next day as they wanted to party today.

Unable to assimilate them, Blossom called up Hope, a girl who knew the way to send monster back. However, she never spoke of any solution as Blossom was not able to convince her and left with no other choice Blossom unwillingly turned to Bubbles and Buttercup for help.

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