President Obama On Facebook For Real Conversation

Washington DC: This time the facebook fever hits, the United States President Barack Obama. Mr. Pesident joined facebook on Monday saying he wanted, “a place to have real conversations”.

He wrote “at a time when nearly three in four adults online use Facebook, this feels like a great place to do it”, guess looking at the number of followers, it was an apt move for him.

President Obama On Facebook

The president’s account on facebook shows that he would never fall short on his popularity, within just a day, the “Barack Obama”, Facebook Account has over 45 million followers, and the number is just growing.

“To preserve this beautiful planet of ours”- the very first post by the President where  he is taking the facebook users on a walk through his backyard at the white house.

In a calling for Americans through this post he shares his concern regarding nature in the video post saying ” not only do, I want the future presidents to be able to take walk like this, I want to make sure that the American people are able to enjoy the incredible national parks, incredible beauty, the mountains, the oceans, that have been one of the greatest gifts we’ve ever received.”

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Obama with his second term approaching its end has been on a connecting spree through social media. Obama joined Twitter in May this year, is a highly active member on twitter, where he was seen hosting twitter Q&A’S, interactions with stars of the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team, joking with Bill Clinton (the former u.s president), inviting Ahmed Mohamed (the clockmaker) to the white house  and what not.

President Obama On Facebook
President Obama On Facebook

So free to connect Mr. president or is it a strategy for the coming elections? whatever it be, Barack Obama surely knows how to roll it out!

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