Yahoo Hires McKinsey To Revive Its Business

Yahoo McKinsey: It has been long since Yahoo has been on a labefaction with several reasons to the same. To revitalise the revenue from ad sales, Yahoo had been struggling in a head-on competition with Google and Facebook inc. under Marrissa Mayer-Chief Executive of Yahoo, the corporation as an attempt to revive its core media and online advertising, has been splurging in more to get Users on their websites.

As reported by RE/code (technology news website at the silicon valley), the company on Monday reported that to reorganize its core business, they have designated McKinsley & Co- a management consulting firm. McKinsley will play a crucial role in helping Yahoo decide which units to shut, sell or invest in.Yahoo, which is preparing to spin-off its 15 percent stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, declined to comment, as did McKinsey.

Yahoo McKinsey

As reported by the sources Mayer over the last month  has been asking its executives to make at least three to five years commitment to the company. several top executives like Media Head Kathy Savitt and Chief development officer Jackie Reses,  as a result, quit the company due to the commitment pressure.

Yahoo has been facing a constant drop in its revenue from $1.09 billion a year earlier to $1 billion in the third quarter since it deducted the fees paid to partner websites.

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Yahoo McKinsey
Yahoo McKinsey

It will be interesting to see how this big endeavour of yahoo Inc, with McKinsley & Co, help them survive in this sturdy fixture in coming times.

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