Puppy Bowl 2018 XIV Live Streaming Info: TV Schedules and all about Animal Planet’s event

Puppy Bowl 2018 XIV Live Streaming and TV Schedules: Are you ready for the game? The one of the most viewed and waited sports event of the year is going to start on Feb 4. Well, it’s not the Super Bowl. This is Animal Planet’s 14th annual Puppy Bowl that will be live on Sunday. The well-trained puppies together will participate in the competition.

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For a dog lover guy, this event is like a dream come true. While some lovers are disappointed as they can’t able to get close or interact with the participant dogs themselves. Though, the organiser of the event has changed some rules and things of the game this year onwards.

The year 2018 will be more interesting because this time there are 90 players who are rescued from the 48 different rescues and regions. Dan Schachner from the coaching staff told, “We have a dog from Mexico, we have special needs dogs, we have older dogs as part of a Dog Bowl, which is a separate senior bowl that we have. It’s really grown into a great competition.”

Puppy Bowl 2018 XIV Live Streaming and TV Schedules, animal planet

Puppy Bowl 2018 XIV Live Streaming and TV Schedules

The event will soon adopt the world of virtual reality this year. The viewers who got Discovery VR iOS and Android apps access will able to see the competition from the puppies’ eye. Not only this Samsung VR and the Animal Planet YouTube channel will also get this opportunity.

The puppies’ training video is also recorded in 360° view. The training period for the participants in not so weeks long. In fact, the coaches want them to compete unprepared as possible. As he told, “We want it to be random and unpredictable; it makes it fun.”

In 2015, the event organiser introduced the team formation concept to the game. Since then, an individual puppy is not cheered up instead the team name is cheered up. But this could upset the arch rivals of the teams.

Puppy Bowl 2018 XIV Live Streaming and TV Schedules

Meanwhile, there are lots of celebrities hitting the show and Schachner have to look for Mango, Jennifer ‘J-Paw’ Pawrence and Kelly Barkson. You can cover the live broadcast of the event on Animal Planet on Sunday at 3 pm ET.

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