Queen Sono Season 1 Review: Netflix Renews for Season 2

Queen Sono Season 1 Review: Netflix Renews for Season 2
Queen Sono Season 1 Review: Netflix Renews for Season 2

Netflix’s QUEEN SONO, Africa’s first Netflix Original, has gained popularity with the viewers, not only from Africa but most other continents. Starring Pearl Thusi, who plays the title role of undercover personnel in a South Africa based Special Operations Group (SOG), monitoring the interests of other countries into privatizing Africa’s military.

As the story unfolds, some secrets are revealed along the way. There are more substantial powers at play when Queen Sono tries to find out who killed her mother, and why? Her mother played a huge part in the Apartheid movement, which makes her death suspicious at the very least.

The political clashes and the complex nature of their history reviewed are bound to create an air of mystery amongst the viewers and give foreign viewers insight into the continent’s history. The story arc gradually progresses into uncovering the corrupt officials and their convoluted scheming.

Foremost in these are the Russian Security Company Supreme Solutions, at the head of which is Ekaterina Gromova, played by Kate Liquorish. She is also a part of the production team. As the Director-General of SOG, Miri Dube played by Chi Mende, this show promises strong female characters in positions of power.

Netflix had shown interest in the show around early 2018, and by December 2018, they confirmed it. By April 2019 shooting and stunt coordinating had started. The show was in production for Eight weeks with Thirty-seven different locations across the continent featured.

They incorporated as many different languages and dialects as they could, to show that this is Africa’s first Netflix Original and not just any one country. Let’s talk about the music used in this show. Some of the songs included in the soundtrack are, Sampa the Great-Final form, which exudes confidence and upbeat introduction to our title character.

Another song Orere Eljigbo by Lijadu Sisters comes in as a hot number focusing on the fiery side of the show. They’ve also introduced a song which is a South-African music genre originating from Durban, GQOM.

The song is Midnight Starring – DJ-MAPHORISA – ft DJ TIRA, BUSISWA, and MOONCHILD SANELLY. (check: Yuri on Ice Season 2.)

In an interview with the Ladies of QUEEN SONO, veteran actress of African Television, Abigail Kubeka said, “It’s going to raise the standard of our acting and movies and soapies and drama!”. In the interview Pearl Thusi talks about the creator Kagiso, she says that he’s subconsciously a feminist.

The show is not only going to change or broaden the viewers’ perspective towards the African entertainment industry but also bring about the necessary change that is required in that industry towards strong female leads. (check: Netflix’s Floor Is Lava Season 2 Release Date, Contestants, Plot, Trailer, Prize And Everything Else To Know So Far.)

Season One leaves us wanting more of the drama, action, and conspiracies. We are left with many unanswered questions, one of them being, why was the person behind bars for killing Queen Sono’s mother, Safiya Sono, also died in Jail? As Netflix has announced the return of the show we’ll all be waiting for what happens next.

Stay tuned.

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