Ray Park Instagram: Actor Behind Darth Maul Posts Sexual Photo, Fans Link Daniel Logan to Park

ray park instagram hacked photo darth maul daniel logan lisa ray
ray park instagram hacked photo darth maul daniel logan lisa ray

Fans are worried sick if their favorite star Ray Park’s Instagram account is hacked or not. The actor behind Darth Maul’s character in Star Wars has come under fire for posting a sexual activity post on his IG account. Check Ray’s deleted photo here.

Ray Park uploaded a video yesterday night on Instagram which saw him giving oral pleasure to a male. He deleted the post afterward.

Several theories have come to life about the accident – suggesting that Ray Park is gay and Daniel Logan’s involvement in sexual activities with Ray Park. Let’s first check out who is Ray Park?

Ray Park – Actor Featured in Stars Wars, X-Men, G.I. Joe etc

Ray Park is 45-years-old and has appeared in several science fiction movies such as Stars Wars (Darth Maul), G.I. Joe, X-Men, etc to name a few. The actor delivered exceptional performances in the movies. He belongs to the Scottish origin.

ray park instagram hacked photo darth maul daniel logan lisa ray
ray park instagram hacked photo darth maul daniel logan lisa ray

All those muscles are not just for showing-off, Ray Park is a pro-level Martial Artist. He learned the art from his father who was a hard-core Bruce Lee fan. During the learning period, Ray used to compete in professional competitions and world tournaments.

He shifted to acting later in the life to pursue the dream of becoming an actor and playing multiple roles.

Ray Park Instagram Post Spreaded Like Wildfire on the Internet

On July 24, a strange post uploaded on Ray Park’s Instagram handle took everyone by surprise. The fans were baffled by the strange photograph showing Ray Park receiving blowj*b from a male, possibly his wife Lisa Ray.

Soon the news made its way to Twitter where people discussed the possibilities of Ray Park’s IG account being hacked or him accidentally posting an otherwise private content. Fans continue to talk about it on the micro-blogging platform.

Let’s check out if Ray Park’s account was hacked or not.

Ray Park Instagram Hacked or Not

A plethora of people believed that Park’s social media was hacked. Fans were troubled to witness the personal data leaked online to the masses. One user wrote: “Whoa! It seems Ray Park is hacked!”

In such cases, when celebrities’ nude or private photos are leaked online, a hack most definitely explains the situation.

However, we are not certain whether someone hacked Park or not because the Star Wars fame has not addressed the accident on Twitter, Facebook, or IG.

Prior to believing the stuff, we shall wait for an official confirmation.

Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Ray Park Instagram news.

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