Netflix’s Twogether Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Host, Plot, Cities, Tasks and Everything Else So Far

Twogether Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Host, Plot, Cities, Tasks, Episodes, Participants/Contestants, Netflix News & Updates
Twogether Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Host, Plot, Cities, Tasks, Episodes, Participants/Contestants, Netflix News & Updates

As in the recently aired series on Netflix, Twogether it was not mentioned whether Lee and Jasper would go to some new cities in the future. Will they be trying to meet new fans? Did they complete all the tasks or left some to finish again in the next go?

All such questions will come to the mind of the viewers after watching the show. To answer such questions, the series should be renewed as soon as possible. Netflix renews any series after carefully analyzing its popularity.

The Netflix show, Twogether, created by “Cho Hyo-jin”, “Chang Hyunk-Jae”, and “Go Min-Seok” premiered on June 26. The show contained eight episodes, in which the South-Korean actors “Lee Seung-gi’ and “Jasper Liu” travel to six cities of three different countries, i.e. Indonesia, Thailand, and Nepal, two cities in each Country.

During their visit, they had to perform various tasks to get clues that help them to get to their fans. They started from Yogyakarta in Indonesia and ended in Kathmandu in Nepal. They divided the tasks as per their capabilities and worked together during the whole series.

In some of the tasks, they had to compete with each other like in Chiang Mai. At last, they were about to cancel their visit to Nepal but later somehow managed to get there. The whole show ended up meeting one fan in each city they visited.

Will there be Twogether Season 2?

The new series may start by exploring new cities in different countries. As the documentary is unscripted, it is not possible to estimate the towns that they are going to visit. They move to different cities finding some clues by completing some tasks to get to their fans.

In the next season, there will be some new cities with some new adventures and new missions. Also, it seems that the two actors have become good friends and quite compatible to work with each other as they have performed the tasks in the previous series together, they may look forward to revising the show. Let’s hope for the best!

Twogether Season 2 Release Date

The very first season of the documentary series Twogether was aired on Netflix very recently on June 26, 2020. Netflix will take its time to think over the addition of the next season to the show. It might take a time of three to four months like it always seeks to announce any sequel to any show.

But due to current conditions of COVID-19, all the shows have delayed their release date being unable to film. As this show is a travel documentary, the actors need to go out which is not possible and denies the possibility of any sequel to the series during this year.

If the series is renewed, we can expect a new show by the last of 2021, or it may be further delayed to 2022. 2022 looks more plausible.

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Twogether Season 2 Host

The show was previously hosted by two Korean actors “Lee Seung-gi” and “Jasper Liu”. There were lots of faces in the series in the form of fans and the people who gave them different tasks and competed with them. As it is a travel documentary, the main characters were only these two Korean actors.

If there will be a further addition to the show in the future by its creators and producers, these two should remain the same to keep the viewers familiar to the show, and also it will maintain the feel of the series. Some new faces will be there as they will be traveling to some places to meet their fans.

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Twogether Season 2 Plot

As in the previous season, the whole story revolved around the two Asian stars wandering around some cities of different countries to meet their fans while completing their tasks. As it is a documentary show, in the next season the Korean actors may be shown wandering to some new countries and following the previous plot to find their fans.

Rest depends on the creators of the show and the demand of the viewers, whether, they like the show to be going like this or not, which they can mention by giving feedback to the series or by rating it on Netflix.

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