Is Jeff Bezos Dead or Alive? #RIPJeffBezos Trending on Twitter: Drowned in River Death Hoax & Twitter Memes

RIP Jeff Bezos Trending Twitter Dead or Alive
RIP Jeff Bezos trending on twitter, Is Jeff Bezos Dead or Alive? Why Did #RIPJeffBezos Trend on Twitter?

#RIPJeffBezos is currently trending on Twitt at #1 position. The users were presented with the news that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has died after drowning in a river. Is Jeff Bezos Dead or Alive? Read we break down the facts and rumors related to Jeff Bezos death.

The rumors speculated that the richest person in the world Jeff Bezos, with a net worth of over $130 Billion, has died. Is this true?

RIP Jeff Bezos – Is He Dead or Alive?

The rumors are entirely false. The death hoax was created in order to defame him and probably to topple down the Amazon stocks.

On July 6, Amazon had hit an all-time high at the stocks market while all the other business were suffering due to the ongoing global pandemic. The richest man sold $4 Billion worth of stocks in only one week of February 2020, which added a few billion dollars to his net worth. Read Why RIP Jeff Bezos started trending on Twitter? Who was behind it?

#RIPJeffBezos Twitter – How & Why Did It Start Trending?

As said earlier, Jeff Bezos death hoax was probably created to hit his fame. Well, he has achieved a lot in a short period of time. That might have made few people jealous, and they started trending #RIPJeffBezos on Twitter. The news said that the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos has drowned in a river and died consequently.

RIP Jeff Bezos Trending Twitter Dead or Alive
RIP Jeff Bezos trending on twitter, Is Jeff Bezos Dead or Alive? Why Did #RIPJeffBezos Trend on Twitter?

Everyone is bored during the lockdown, and what better way to entertain themselves than start a nationwide trend?

A similar trend focused on Ellen DeGeneres trended earlier this week. #RIPEllen had everyone going wild on the internet and look if she is actually dead or not. In the end, it turned out a hoax and people were relieved to know that the American comedian is alive.

Twitter Reaction on #RIPJeffBezos Trending

Initially, people were shocked to hear the news. But later on, the trend took a new path where people shared cool memes to mock Jeff Bezos. Take a look at some of the initial reactions of people on RIP Jeff Bezos Dead.

RIP Jeff Bezos Twitter Memes & Jokes

What initially started as a piece of alleged heart-breaking news, took a different shape altogether after a while. People shared jokes and memes targeting Amazon’s future without Jeff.

People went on great lengths to picture that the upcoming CEO of Amazon will be bald and not necessarily rich. Some of the celebrities compared to the current CEO are Pitbull, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Michael Jordan, Johnny sins, etc. Take a look at some of the funniest #RIPJeffBezos tweets.

RIP Jeff Bezos death hoax disturbed the people at first and they even criticized the trend-setters, but soon the trend showed how much people love Jeff Bezos all around the world.

Jeff Bezos is considered one of the greatest philanthropists after Bill Gates, he recently donated $100 Million to a food charitable organisation Feeding America to help the poor and underprivileged survive the global pandemic.

Never let false claims get through your head, all they do is spread negativity and hatred. Stay tuned with TCD for more updates on Jeff Bezos.

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