Madeleine McCann & Ghislaine Maxwell: McCann Female Abductor Suspect Sketch

Madeleine McCann Ghislaine Maxwell Female Abductor Sketch
Madeleine McCann Ghislaine Maxwell Connection, Female Abductor Suspect Sketch

The internet is convinced of Madeleine McCann and Ghislaine Maxwell connection based on the female suspect abductor sketches released by the Portuguese Police. Is there really a connection between the child who has been missing for 13+ years and the elite New York socialite? Read we break down the facts about Madeleine and Ghislaine Maxwell connection, female suspect sketch, etc.

In the not-too-distant past, we have heard some news about Ghislaine Maxwell, her arrest, and some conspiracy theories linking her to Dr Facui, JonBenet Ramsey. The long-awaited arrest of Jeffrey Epstein’s associate and partner-in-crime has allowed conspiracy theorists to speculate her involvement in various child abduction and murder cases.

Ghislaine Maxwell Madeleine McCann connection, female suspect abductor sketch
Ghislaine Maxwell Madeleine McCann connection, female suspect abductor sketch

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann went missing on the evening of 3 May 2007 from a resort in Praia da Luz, Portugal. The child, along with her family, was vacating in the Algarve region of the country.

McCann had disappeared from her bed when the family tried to look for her in the morning. Her disappearance case is regarded as “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.” Check out the Madeleine & Ghislaine connection.

Ghislaine Maxwell and Madeleine McCann Connection

Conspiracy theorists have come with a theory that relates Ghislaine to McCann based on the sketch of an alleged female abductor. The sketch was released by the British Police in 2009, and the news publications resembled the sketch to a “Victoria Bechman lookalike”.

Madeleine McCann Ghislaine Maxwell Female Abductor Sketch
Madeleine McCann Ghislaine Maxwell Connection, Female Abductor Suspect Sketch

Nowadays, with the arrest of Ghislaine, she is being compared to the woman in the sketch. Because she wears a similar hairstyle and has similar facial features. Take a look at the tweet posted by a Twitter conspiring the same.

Is Ghislaine Maxwell the Female Suspect in Madeleine McCann Abductor Sketches?

The speculations are based on eerie resemblance, there is no concrete piece of information proving whether or not Ghislaine kidnapped or killed McCann.

Upon the sketch’s release in 2019, an Australian woman claimed it depicted a Sydney resident Judith Aron. She denied the rumours about her alleged connection with McCann stating that she had not left Australia in over seven years, she said, “I have no connection to the little girl.”

Victoria Beckham was once suspected to be the lady in the sketch. But the rumors turned out to be false.

Madeleine McCann’s Suspect Arrested

Madeleine McCann, 3 years old, disappeared during a family vacation in Portugal. She is presumed dead after missing for 13 years and 2 months.

Only slight progress has been made to find the suspect behind McCann’s mysterious disappearance.

A man named Christian Brueckner, 43, was arrested on June 2nd as the prime suspect. He is currently serving a 15-month prison sentence in Germany. Apart from McCann’s case, he is also facing rape charges and sentence for sexually assaulting a 72-year-old American woman on a waterfront villa less than a mile away from where McCann went missing.

German lawyer Hans Christian Wolters said, “The 43-year-old suspect is a multiple sexual predator already convicted of crimes against little girls.” He is currently booked for 17 different crimes – child abuse and child pornography, driving without a license, burglary, etc.

The story is still developing, stay tuned and we will update you with the latest news as soon as possible.

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