Scandal Season 6 Spoilers, Air Date: Series to be premiered from 2017

Scandal Season 6: The famous American TV show Scandal is now coming in the news. As the rumours of returning to the show through its season 6 are increasing day by day. The show has been scheduled to air in the upcoming year 2017.

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It is believed that the delay in the air date of the show is because of Kerry Washington. The show has been pushed to midseason because of Kerry Washington’s pregnancy.  A rumour said that the show based on Political drama has recast Vanessa Moss.

She married Scott Foley’s Jake Ballard in the previous season 5. Earlier the character was played by Joelle Carter until season 5 but after this, in season 6 it will be played by Glee alum, Jessalyn Gilsig.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers
Scandal Season 6 Spoilers

Joelle Carter had decided to left the show Shonda Rhimes because she had a clash between her shooting with her another show Chicago Justice which will be coming this midseason. She had left the show for this reason after she constantly started having issues with the shows.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers

She kept it with Chicago Justice and left this one. Recently during the Television Critics Association’s press trip, Channing Dingey the president of ABC. was being asked about the upcoming season of the show Scandal. He just gave his answer in 3 words as Return to form.

He also defended the reason for the lowering in the number of viewers by stating that in Long running seasons it is little point of discussion that this occurs sometimes. He said that but he had read the new script of this season.

He described it as the best and said it will completely be returning to its form. He says we will bring what we have promised to our audience. The show is expected to continue its brilliant form.

Scandal Season 6 Spoilers
Scandal Season 6 Spoilers

In the season 5, the number of people who watched the show counted up to 10.68 million which was lower than 12.66 million in the season 4. The show had witnessed a loss of almost 2 million viewers.

This had the put up a nice challenge to the creators of the show to bring back it’s formed and provide up to the viewer’s expectations. The show had rumours that it will be coming to an end after the season 6 but Dungey discarded them and said that we haven’t decided as to when we shall wind up the Show Scandal.

He clearly told that the season is not coming to an end even after season 6 and it will continue after it. As the season doesn’t seem to wind up the viewers can expect a lot more to come in the following seasons of Scandal.

Earlier in an interview with a journalist, Rhimes told that she had made up her mind about Scandal. But he didn’t reveal the fact, whom will Washington’s Olivia Pape will be ending up after the end of this season.

She said that she was never a wife neither she had tried to get attached emotionally. She also didn’t have to do all those kinds of stuff that one is supposed to do when he/she is in a relationship.

She added that Jake is well-known about her dirty side so her relationship with him was not that much realistic. She even said that she thinks that either for better or for worse he knows all her dirty sides which make the commitment harder.

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