Switched at Birth Season 5 Spoliers, Release Date, and Air Date

Switched at Birth Season 5: The famous American TV show had marvelous 4 previous seasons. The previous seasons had attained a brilliant side of the audience and were very good in the story line.

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The audience was eagerly waiting for the next season that is season 5 after those marvelous 4 seasons of Switches at Birth. The creator of the show, Lizzy Wiess has officially announced that the first episode of season 5 of Switched at Birth will be aired on 24th of January, 2017.

We all had known the fact that the wait for the next season will be of great time but the show will begin from the next year’s January. As we all know that this is going to be the last season in the freeform series.

Switched at Birth Season 5
Switched at Birth Season 5

According to some people this is the reason why they have switched the day of showing from Monday to Tuesday. We all are well-known that this show is gonna rock again the audience with the skills it has got. And surely the credit goes to its creator Lizzy Wiess.

Switched at Birth Season 5 Info

In the last episode of season 4 we had seen that Bay played by Vanessa Marano and Daphne played by Katie Laclerc were doing there internships in China. They are doing their interns very peacefully and happily.

But suddenly they get a call from the home asking them to return as soon as possible. Now the show is stopped at this point. Everyone is thinking what is reason behind calling them back to the home. What is the cause. Why they have been called. What was said to them on the call.

All these questions have left the fans of the series in a great dilemma as to what will happen next in the show. The show is off since 10 months, a really long time for the suspense to come out, but curiosity is killing the cat.

Switched at Birth Season 5

Will the outcome be soothing to everyone, that is a very big question. Even the show runners have not disclosed any kind of clue to let the audience know what is going to happen next. No one has any guess.

But a good news for the fans is that the show creator Lizzy Wiess has told that the trailer will be aired late in December this year. She also said that she will answering some of the questions about the show after the release of the trailer.

The show is believed to have 10 episodes in this final season. Lizzy Wiess, the show creator has told another thing. She told that some of few loose ends will be tied up in the upcoming season. And also the Fight On of Natalie Taylor will be becoming the one of the iconic scenes if the background of the final season.

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