Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive? Death Rumors Surface The Internet

Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive
Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive, Did Simon Cowell Die? Simon Cowell Died

With #ripSimonCowell trending on Twitter, the fans are worried whether Simon Cowell is dead or alive. The hashtag started trending after Simon’s Wikipedia page stated that the actor died on June 25.

Simon Cowell, 60 years old and a judge on ‘Britain Got Talent’ & ‘American Idol’ show is doing absolutely fine as he was spotted earlier today donning a mask and going out of his home in London. So, did Simon Cowell died? Read in detail.

Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive? Simon Cowell Death

No, Simon Cowell is not dead. The English celebrity is alive as no death reports have come out from the actor’s team.

The actor tweeted previously on June 16, since then there have been no tweets or posts on any social media channels. If Simon Cowell died, his death would have been reported widely on social media and news channels.

Simon Cowell Health Issues

During a fall from stairs in October 2017 at his home, Simon suffered several non-life-threatening injuries and fainted which also widely reported in the media. He lost a considerable amount of weight after the fall, 60 pounds as reported by The Sun.

Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive
Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive, Did Simon Cowell Died? Simon Cowell Died

“The most dramatic period was the first month where most of the weight comes off and you look at yourself and think ‘wow’,” Simon stated.

According to Cowell, he fell down the stairs and fainted because of low blood pressure.

Following the accident at home, the actor began a healthy routine and included lots of vegetables, salads in his diet, and dodged red meat or any other food products that affected his blood pressure.

Is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive? You have got your answer. Now check out other celebrities who fell prey to the death hoaxes.

Death Rumors Are Common Nowadays: The Rock & Lil Baby Death Hoaxes

Big Hollywood celebrities and rappers like The Rock, Lil Baby, Lil Mosley, etc., have been a victim of death hoaxes. It was reported in 2014 that Jeff Goldblum and The Rock died after falling from a cliff in New Zealand.

Such death hoaxes are promoted by websites and users to seek attention. Be warned if next time you see a celebrity death rumor, it might possibly be fake.

Washington Post posted an article in late 2015 asking people to trust only ‘known’ websites and stated “Breaking news stories will usually include the reporter’s name; hoaxes, mysteriously, go un-bylined.”

Lil Baby Death Rumors 2020: Similar to is Simon Cowell Dead or Alive, the American rapper is continuously in the news for death rumors after one website Channel22News posted a prank that the rapper died in a car parked outside of his house. Read in detail.

We will encourage our readers to stick only to trustworthy news publications for a credible information. And do not trust any prank websites or Twitter trends without fact-checking it yourself.

Stay tuned with TCD for more news on Simon Cowell Dead or Alive.

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