#WeWantJoe: Joe Biden Calls Donald Trump “The Worst Possible Person” on Twitter

Joe Biden on Donald Trump Tweet
Joe Biden on Donald Trump Tweet "Worst Person" #WeWantJoe Twitter Trending

The former United States Vice President Joe Biden called the Donald Trump “the most possible person to lead us through a global pandemic,” on twitter following the failed attempts of the US President to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Donald Trump’s lack of effort to control the pandemic is visible as the corona positive cases keep rising day by day and the Presidents focus on organizing rallies without masks. The Tulsa rally is one such example where people rallied without wearing masks and following the social distancing protocols. Check Joe Biden’s Tweet on Donald Trump.

Donald Trumps & The Pandemic

Wall Street investors are slowly shifting to Biden’s side given the current President’s handling of the coronavirus. Trump is being canceled by lawmakers and activists for not helping the states to contain the spread of COVID-19.

Joe Biden on Donald Trump Tweet "Worst Person" #We Want
Joe Biden on Donald Trump Tweet “Worst Person” #WeWantJoe Twitter Trending

“It’s an article of faith among Wall Streeter’s to know that the U.S. is structurally superior to Europe. Watching Europe outperform us on Covid-19 burns them,” said an analyst.

Joe Biden is standing against Donald Trump in the 2020 elections. However, Kentucky Primary Results tells a different tale. Donald has won the primary elections by a significant number.

The Democratic nominee with the most votes will challenge Trump’s presidential reelection in November.

Last month, Joe Biden visited George Floyd’s funeral, who died at the hands of Minneapolis Police Officers, and consoled the deceased’s family. Since then, he has appeared on similar occasions. Check Joe Biden on Donald Trump fight feud reactions, trolls, memes.

#WeWantJoe Twitter Trend: Joe Biden on Donald Trump Trolls Memes

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