Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016: Kaikeye Ask Dasharath for 14 years Vanvas for Ram

Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016: Ram and Sita enter into Sabhagrah everyone smiles, Guru Vashisth says to take a seat for Rajya Abhishek. Ram and Sita sit on Singhasan, Kaushalya and Sumitra do Ram’s Rajtilak, Guru Vashisth says all the formality are done for raj tilak so get the crown in sabha. Gurudev asks where is Dasharath? His presence is necessary for the crown ceremony.

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Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016

Dashrath goes to Kaikeye’s room and sees everything is broken down and asks to the Dassi about Kaikeye. Dassi says she is in the Kumbh Bhavan. Dashrath goes to Kumbh Bhavan and asks her what is she doing here? Everyone is waiting for you at that happy moment.

Dashrath says to Kaikeye to see outside Ayodhya is very happy at this moment, leave this Kumbh Bhavan and come with me. Kaikeye asks him do you remember when you fought with Asurs and I helped you to win the battle, and you gave me two Vardaans, Dasharath says yes I remember everything but you did not take Vardaan at that time.

Kaikeye says yes but now the time has come to take those two vardans, Dashrath happily says tell me about your two wishes I fulfill them. Kaikeye says I will ask if you swear Ram to fulfill the vardans. Dasharath swears Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016 Written Updates

Devi Parvati says to Mahadev that Ayodha is Narayan’s place but anger and adhram enter there, how humanity’s udhar possible there? Mahadev smiles.

Surpankha welcomed Ravan and did tilak and arti. Ravan asks how is she, She says it is a happy moment for me as my brother has come to my home, Ravan says that he is going for Vishwavijya. Danavlok is in midway so he has come here to meet her.

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Siya Ke Ram 14th March 2016

Surpankha asked did you attacked on Danavlok also? Ravan says no he has come there to a relative not for fighting. Ravan says that he has given advice to all the Danavs to stay under him for their goods, Surpankha smiles and says that she doesn’t understand his rajniti and welcomes Ravan and Malyavan. Ravan and Malyavan go inside the Danavlok.

Dashrath asks Kaikeye to tell him two wishes, Kaikeye reminds him that he has Ram’s sworn. Dashrath says I remember about sworn. Kaikeye asks for her first wish that her son Bharat should become the king of Ayodha.

Dasharath shocked and says is she joking, it would take storm in Ayodha. Kaikeye says now listen to her second wish that she wants 14 years vanvas for Ram, Dasharath shockingly sees at her.

Will Dasharath fulfill Kaikeye’s wish and Ram will get 14 years vanvas?

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