Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016: Kausalya gives permission to Ram to go for Vanvas

Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016: Luxman asks Ram that he will also go to Vanvas with him. Ram gets stunned. He calls his name and smiles and hugs Luxman. Dasharath opens his eyes and shouted Ram, Ram. Sita said to Dasharath that Ram has gone to talk with Luxman. Dasharath said to Sita that you don’t know that Ram had taken a decision to go to Vanvas. Sita cries.

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Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016

Ram and Luxman come inside the palace. Urmilla reaches there. Ram said to Urmilla that she had informed him at the right time and stopped the bad incident. Luxman says to Urmilla that he had taken a decision which would affect your life. I want you to support this decision.

Dasharath says to Sita to Stop Ram from going to Vanvas. If Ram goes, his life will also go with him. Sita says that she will talk with Ram. Dasharath says to Guru Vashist to order Ram not to go for Vanvas. Mantra comes to meet with Kaikeyi and starts dancing.

Kaikeyi asked her why she is so happy. Did Maharaja agree to fulfill her promise? Mantra says that Ram Had decided to go to Vanvas. Kaikeyi said that she wants to see Bharat become king of Ayodha. Mantra says she will bring that day in her life. You must not change your decision in anyone’s pressure.

Ram comes to meet with Kaushlya and Sumitra. Kaushlya turns her face. Ram asked her whether she will not see her son’s face today. Sumitra said you had not taken our permission before taking this decision. This is wrong with us. Ram replied that he wants to keep Raghukul’s tradition.

He has come here to take their blessing before going to Vanvas. Kaushlya starts crying. Ram said that he will not go to Vanvas against her wish, but it’s his duty to respect the prestige of his parents. How he can back up his face from his duty. Give me permission to go. He can’t put even a single step ahead in his way without her permission.

Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016 Written Updates

Kaushlya stops crying and comes close to him. She recalls Ram’s childhood. She said to Ram that she had never thought that a day would come when you ask for her permission to go to Vanvas. This is a painful moment for a mother’s life.

She said that how she can give him permission and starts crying again. She says that she is a Queen also and it’s her duty to fulfill her husband’s promise. I blessed you. Ram smiles and leaves. Kaushlya and Sumitra started crying. Sumitra asked to Kaushlya why she did that. Kaushlya said it’s important to protect Dharm than a mother’s love.

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Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 19th March 2016

Surpankha comes to Lanka with a sword and shouts Ravan, Ravan. She asked where her husband’s murderer is. Come out coward and see your death is in front of you. Mandodri comes and shocked to see her in this condition. She asked to her what had happened.

Surpankha said after sometime you will also be in the same condition. She will kill Ravan. Suddenly kaikesi comes there and shouts how you dare to insult Ravan by calling his name like this. Surpankha says that she will kill her son. Kaikesi slapped her.

Sita’s sister asked to her that she should do something to stop Ram. Sita said that she could not go against Ram’s wish. They start crying and she said to them that she had taken a decision that she will go with Ram to Vanvas.

Will Ram allow Sita to go with him?

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