Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016: Ashoka proved innocent to himself

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016: Sushim says, Ashoka, that he doesn’t believe in him. He says Ashoka kissed that and shoots that on Samraat. Ashoka says if he kissed that poisonous arrow then how he is alive today? The arrow was changed.  Sushim gets afraid to listen to this.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016
Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016

Bindu says who shoots that arrow then? Ashoka says only Unani’s has no dare to do this .Someone from us is involved in this. Ashoka says it may be Rajmata Helena. Ashoka says he has gone to the Rajmata’s room to solve his confusion.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki go in Helena’s room and searched there. They see a large box there and then listened some voice of someone’s footsteps. Helena and Siamak come there and take that box and leaved from there. Ashoka and Kaurvaki see all this.

Ashoka takes the name of Helena and Siamak. He says he knows where that box is. Siamak gets afraid. Bindu says to Ashoka that Helena is not his mother only but also the Rajmata of Magadh. Helena starts acting then and says How Ashoka can take her name?

Charu and Siamak also take the Side of Helena. Everyone founds that Siamak is missing from there. They become shocked. Ashoka says he knows where he is. Come with him. He will show everyone.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016 Written Updates

Siamak dug out that box and ready to hide it but everyone reached there and see him to doing this. Bindu ordered his soldiers to catch the Siamak. Helena comes in front of Bindu and says Siamak is innocent. He doesn’t know anything. It was only her plan.

She says she tried to kill Samraat by Ashoka. Bindu gets shocked. Bindu says who shots the arrow at that time. Ashoka says someone is also involved in this with Rajmata and he knows that person. Bindu asks Ashoka to tell the name of that person.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st March 2016

Ashoka, Kuarvaki, Nayak goes to Indarjeet. He apologizes to shoot Drupad. Ashoka asks Indarjeet about that place where he hides that arrow and bow. Indarjeet takes Ashoka to that place but Indarjeet is hit by someone’s arrow. Ashoka fails to know about that person.

Sushim recalls about the hitting of Indarjeet. Ashoka says only Rajmata can tell about that person. Bindu is hurtled after knowing everything. He says he can’t believe that his own mother can do this. Bindu says Ashoka to apologize him. He declared Ashoka innocent and says he can‘t take any decision about Helena. He says to Ashoka that he will take decision for her and then Bindu leaves from there.

Ashoka ordered to soldiers to take Helena in the jail till he takes some decision about her. The soldiers took her to jail. Ashoka recalls Acharya Chankya and thinks it was his first win against the culprits. Kaurvaki comes there to Ashoka and says congratulation to him.

Dharma comes and smiles to Ashoka. Ashoka touches Dharma’s feet and takes blessings of her. He says Satymev Jayate to Dharma. Dharma is happy for reliving of Ashoka and for justice of Drupad. Ashoka says many enemies are still moving freely and it’s not the complete justice of Drupad and Acharya Chankya.

Will Rajmata tell the names of other culprits of Drupad’s death?

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