Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016: Ram Breaks The Shiva Dhanush And Wins Over Sita In The Swayamvar

Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016: Vishwamitra entered with Ram and Laxman giving a detailed introduction of the bravery of the Raghuvanshi Princes, as he finishes he asks the kings in the Sabha who would start the battle? as initially on failing to break the Dhanush they were planning to fight a battle to win over Sita, meanwhile, Sita and Ram have an eye contact, Sita is consoled and pacified with presence of Ram and so are Janak and Sunaina.

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Siya Ke Ram 21st January 2016
Siya Ke Ram 21st January 2016

Every King puts back their sword, looking at this Janak questions and probes all the kings in premises as to why are they mumchance and numb, why aren’t they talking of battle, he tells them that their attitude should be criticised as when they failed to lift the Dhanush, they came to change the rules. He said if one fails to do something they should have the strength to accept their failure, he said Nobody in the sabha, can lift the Dhanush, listening this Laxman looses his calm telling Janak that he in his anger and sadness is justified but by saying this he is insulting Ram. Ram tells Laxman to cool down, Laxman apologises saying he can not listen to this as in the whole of Aryavartha there is no one like Ram.

Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016:

one of the kings challenges Ram to prove his brother’s words, the whole sabha is full of laughter when Ram doesn’t accept this. Laxman probes him, but he stands still. Finally, Vishwamitra orders Ram, to lift ‘Pratyanch (bow-string)on the Shiva Dhanush and free king Janak from all the guilt and sorrows’.

Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016 Written Updates

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Ram seeks his blessings, saying he will surely do it as this is important for the pride of King Janak and his daughter Sita. Sita is breathing fast with tears in her eyes while Ram does a parikrama around and greets the Shiva Dhanush.

everyone’s heart was pounding while Ram lifted the Shiva Dhanush with one hand, all are filled with relief, Janak is in tears.

Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016:

As Ram Puts the bow string, every face is in glee, Vishwamitra and Laxman are in Pride, the moment Ram breaks the Dhanush there is a lightening all over and the earth shook, Shiva seeing it from Kailash parbath has a smile, all the kings were out of balance, Janak was surprised by the strength Ram has.

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Siya Ke Ram 21 January 2016:

Tomorrow we will see Parshuram who comes in anger to kill the one who broke the Shiva Dhanush and Raavan’s ego would shatter.

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