Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016: Sita tries to go with Ram and takes permission from family members

Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016: Sita runs towards Ram and stops him. Sita looks towards the Ram in a hope that he would allow her to go with him. Sita cries. Ram wipes her tears. Sita said that she wants to leave happily with him. Ram said to Sita that he can’t give permission to her to go with him. Ram leaves. Sita again runs after him. A song is started in the background. Sita recalls her father’s words that to do anything to protect her self-confidence.

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Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016

Shatrughan went to Bharat. Bharat said that he is feeling bad. Shatrughan says same here. Bharat said that he will go to talk with Mamma and then go for Ayodhya after taking his permission.

Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016 Written Updates

Luxman tells Urmila that he wants to say something but don’t have the courage to say that. Urmila says she knows that you want to go with Ram for Vanvas. Luxman asked how she knows that. He doesn’t tell it to anyone.

Urmilla says she knows that you can’t leave without Ram. When Ram decided to go, she prepared herself for this situation. So she doesn’t create any difficulty for his duty. Luxman smiles and says that he would be thankful to her for whole life.

Ram did pooja in the Temple. Ram takes the blessing of Guru Vashist. Ram said to Kaushlya to give a blessing to him. Suddenly Sita comes there in Vanvasi dress. Everyone shocked. Sita goes ahead. Guru Vashist, Mandvi, and Shrutkriti cry.

Sita said it is not possible that she scares with Van difficulty and not go to Van. Sita said where a husband’s residence, there is real happiness for a wife. So she decided to go to Vanvas. Kaushlya said to Sita what she is saying. Raghukul’s tradition doesn’t allow our Vdhu to go to Van.

Sita gives the example of Raja Harischandra who gave his whole Rajya and everything to fulfill his promise which he had given in his dream. His wife Taara also supported him. Sumitra said to Sita if she goes with Ram then Ram’s worries will increase. Sita says that we get married to spend our life together.

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Siya Ke Ram 22nd March 2016

Sumanta said Sita is right. What would Dasharath give the answer to Janak if he asked about her? Sita said that her father will not ask all this. If he asks then say him that it was her decision to go to Vanvas. Sita said that she knows he will respect her decision. Guru Vashist says your decision is right according to Dharm. Anyone can’t raise the question on her decision but I want to ask you a question that your decision is emotional or to fulfill your duty.

Guru Vashists says that he is asking this question because after some time people feel bad about their decision taken in past. Sita said you are right. The decision changed after some time. But her decision is not emotional. She had taken this decision as a woman. It’s a woman Dharm to do her duty. Everyone looks Sita. Sita holds hand and requested everyone to give her permission to go to Vanvas.

Will Sita get permission from her family to go to Vanvas with Ram?

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