Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016: Twinkle and Kunj planed to escape from Chaudhary

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016: Twinkle, Kunj and Rajjo are in the room of Rajjo.kunj says to Twinkle that if anybody will see us here then we would have been gone. Rajjo says it was her plan and she was feeling bad for Twinkle. So she asked her to sit in Roka.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016
Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016

Kunj says to her that she should not call him boyfriend of her. It’s not easy for him. He asked to Rajjo about Raja but she says she have no contact with him. Chaudhary comes there and asked Kunj that what is he doing here? He says he had booked a guest house for Twinkle. Twinkle thinks how she can live with Kunj. Kunj also thinks it. Chaudhary takes Kunj with him and Twinkle becomes sad and leaves.

Twinkle went in the guest house. She feels alone there. She is afraid of that situation. Lights start on and off suddenly. She looks someone behind the curtain. She takes a rod to hit who is behind the curtain.

She is ready to attack then she sees Kunj is there. She says him that has he so much care for her? Kunj says they will sleep together because it is a new place for him. He says he will sleep on the floor and you will sleep on the bed.

Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016 Written Updates

Twinkle says him that she hides something to him about Manohr’s trap in Purvi’s case and all scandals, it was done by Yuvi. Kunj says he is angry with her for this and says to sleep.

Chaudhary comes outside due to the low network. He listened to some voice from Rajjo’s room. She is talking someone on the phone. He opened the door and takes her phone. He becomes angry.

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Tashan-e-Ishq 19th March 2016

Twinkle sees a lizard on the wall. She becomes afraid and hugs Kunj. Rajjo’s brother comes there and sees both of them. He tied both of them a with pillar. Chuadhary also comes there with Rajjo and says to tell him the truth.

Rajjo says they both are brother sisters. Kunj and Twinkle looks stundly. Rajjo says Twinkle has some fights with her husband and he leaves out her from home so she has come there. Chaudhary says them that they have a last chance. He says Twinkle will do the tikka to kunj tomorrow. Twinkle becomes shocked.

Sangeet preparations starts and Twinkle thinks what will happen in the evening? Kunj comes there. She says to him how she can do tikka to him? She says why Rajjo has called them brother and sister. Kunj says it was the only way to save them from Chaudhary. kunj says you are syapa queen and it’s your duty to solve all this. She says how can you say this. She leaves from there. Kunj thinks to do something.

Sangeet function starts. The guest asks choudhary who are from kunj family. He says kunj’s sister is here. They all look for her. Twinkle comes and starts to dance on Dramaqueen song. She takes Choudhary, Rajjo, Sangram, Kunj for dance.

They all are busy in dance. Twinkle imagines dancing with Kunj but when imagination get stopped then she looks Kunj to dance with Rajjo. She becomes sad and goes in a corner. Kunj looks at her but can’t go near to her due to Choudhary.

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