Siya Ke Ram 23rd January 2016: Raavan And Parshuram Are Angry

Siya Ke Ram 23rd January 2016: “The whole earth is enlightened with Ram and Sita’s union, Parvathi tells Shiva and asks him why being Brahma, the supreme power, he took a human birth”?

“Every time dharma is in danger, and his people are suffering Narayan takes birth to kill the devil and reduce the suffering of his devotees.

Siya Ke Ram 23 January 2016:

Parvathi asks Shiva the purpose behind Narayan’s birth as ‘Ram’ , he said, “The two of them as humans have come to set the new rules of married life on this planet”.

All are in the exhilaration of the Ram-Sita swayamvar, Parshuram appears with uncontrollable anger, the clouds are thundering and every person in the Sabha is scared. Parshuram looks at the broken Dhanush, as he comes in Janak greets and welcomes Parshuram, while he ignores Janak and walks towards the broken dhanush and shouts out who so ever broke the Dhanush has invited his death.

Siya Ke Ram 23 January 2016:

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Immature Laxman speaks up saying that he is so angry that he is not letting anyone speak, so how will anyone come forward to accept anything, he tells him that he has come on an auspicious occasion he should give blessings and not get angry. Parshuram informs Laxman that he is unaware of his anger, ‘you have killed many innocent people how can a warrior not know this’ – said Laxman. Before he could get angry further Vishwamitra comes in to ask forgiveness for Laxman.

Siya Ke Ram 23rd January 2016 Written Updates

Janak informs that as per Parshuram’s wish only swayamvar was done, It was decided that the “Pratyancha”(bow-string) would be put and not clefting the Dhanush, Who that arrogant person is, he shouts. Sita and sisters are worried that Dasharath Nandan will not be spared as Parshuram’s anger looked unforgivable.

Siya Ke Ram 23 January 2016:

Sita and sisters are worried that Dasharath Nandan will not be spared as Parshuram’s anger looked unforgivable.

He warns for the last time or else the land of the whole of Mithila will be put upside down and that person will be responsible for the deaths of all the other kings. Ram folding his hands comes forward saying that servant is him.

Siya Ke Ram 23 January 2016:

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Meanwhile,  Raavan goes to Shiva statue shrieking that, that Dhanush belonged to him and being biggest Shiva devotee could not lift the Dhanush, Shiva has cheated him and he was mocked around in the whole Sabha. Raavan shouts that he does not need him anymore, hence, there is no space for his Statue in Lanka, he asks the lord Shiva statue to go back to Kailash.

Siya Ke Ram 23rd January 2016
Siya Ke Ram 23rd January 2016

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Ram in all his virtue tells Parshuram that elders bless and not destroy, While, Parshuram stopped him saying Ram needs to fight with him or he would be killed along with his brother.

“What sort of a fight between god and devotee, Ram said.

How will Ram calm down the anger of Parshuram?

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