Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016: Kaikeyi remembers Ram Vanvas limits and rules

Dasharath said to Sita he had thought that you will stop Ram, but now you are also going with Ram. Ram said that he could not make a stain on Raghukul’s tradition only for 14 years Vanvas. Ram said that he is his elder son and it’s his duty to protect Dharm.

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Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016

Dasharath said to Ram if a stain made on Raghukul’s tradition, then let it to. So that in future everyone in Raghukul will think before giving any promise. He says you are my life, Ram. So he doesn’t want to lose him. If he lose him and lose his life also and starts crying. Ram said to him no one can make away Ram from him.

Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016 Written Updates

Ram said to Dasharath that he had promised Kaikeyi that he would leave today. So give him permission to leave. He said he had taken Sankalp that he would protect Raghukul’s tradition. A song is started to play. Sumitra and Kaushlya started crying. Dasharath also Started crying and lose his balance. Sumanta holds him. Dasharath said to Sumanta to make Ram not to go to Vanvas. Sumanta leaves.

Devi Parvati said to Mahadev that Dasharath is ready to break all the tradition for his son Ram. Is this suit on him? Mahadev said its Dasharath’s love for his lord. In the last birth, Dasharath was Narayan’s bhagt and that’s why he got the chance of becoming the father of Narayan. This Bhagti is now converted into love for his son.

Sita tells her sisters that everything changes with time. Sita says to Mandvi that you are the second eldest from us. So you have more duty then other. You have to care Shrutkriti, Urmilla, and Bharat also. All started to cry. Sita says always take care of all three Mata’s. The sisters say they will do their duty. Urmila says she will wait to complete 14 years vanvas.

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Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016
Siya Ke Ram 24th March 2016

Ram, Sita and Luxman start to leave.  Kaikeyi comes there and says Ram. Ram, luxman and Sita turn toward the Kaikeyi. Ram said to Kaikeyi it’s our good luck that we see you before leaving. Kaikeyi says that she come here to remind you that Vanvas has some rules and limits.

If you will fulfill these limits and rules, only then you Vanvas will complete. Luxman angrily sees Kaikeyi. Ram smiled. Kaikeyi said she is waiting for answer. Sita answered on behalf of Ram. She says that it’s our Dharm to obey Vanvas.

She says that she promises that they will follow Bhramcharya in their Vanvasi life. Ram thanked to Kaikeyi for reminding Vanvas limits. He wants a promise to her that you take care of Dasharath. A song started to play. Ram, Sita and Luxman leave for Vanvas.

Kaushlya said that she had not imagined this day. She said to Sita that you are supporting your husband. It shows her values. She gave blessing to Sita. Sumitra said to Luxman, always obey Ram’s order and serve Ram. You regard Ram as your father and Sita as your mother. Praja come to bade him goodbye. Ram looks the Praja.

What will Praja do next?         

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