Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016: Dasharath Gets The News Of Sita Swayamvar But Kaikeyi Is Against It

Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016: 


Taking Deities blessings Janak writes an invitation letter to Dasharath. He expresses that Sita’s future will be decided on by his wish and expects that he will have his approval.Seeking Vishwamitra’s blessings the letter was sent.

Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016, Dasharath, Sita Swayamvar, Siya ke Ram

Vishwamitra then says that they must leave for the Ashram.Janak offers them to stay with him but Rishi Vishwamitra refuses, saying all the formalities could be done when Ram becomes their son-in-law.As they leave Ram stops to take a look at Sita who had hr eyes stuck on Ram from the balcony.

Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016, Dasharath, Sita Swayamvar, Siya ke Ram

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Dasharath receives the letter, ‘The letter read that even though Dasharath refused the Swayamvar invite as Ram was out, destiny has the co-incident that he came to Mithila to seek the Shiva Dhanush blessings while others failed to fulfill the swayamvar demands. It was his powerful son Ram, who could not just lift it up but broke it as well, and this is mere fate.He is happy to grasp that Ram won the Swayamvar.

Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016, Dasharath, Sita Swayamvar, Siya ke Ram

It is a big honour for me says Dasharath while, giving this news to Kaushalya and Sumitra. The too are happy with this news while, they hesitate giving this news to Kaikeyi as Kaikeyi refused Janak’s offer for Swaymvar and she considers Mithila below the Raghuvanshi’s glory, and also that Kaikeyi wanted to find the best bride for Ram.

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Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016: 

Sita’s sisters are wooed by Ram’s magic discussing the difference between Ram and Raavan and the three laugh over the broken pride and ego of Raavan. Mandavi expressed her anger over how Raavan insulted Janak and Sita, while Ram who is just the opposite of him saved their respect. Urmia said, that this is the victory of Sita’s faith.

Everyone is Ayodhya is shocked to listen to Sita’s marriage proposal. Bharat and Shatrughan get delighted and embrace each other, Bharat says that they will inform Kaikeyi as she will be extremely happy.

Sunaina is angry at Janak for not having stopped Ram for leaving, she said Ram went without having food. Janak informed her that he did try stopping him, but they had their reasons and they are right at their end.While Sita decided to invite them oer for Lunch and tells Sita to prepare the food.

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Sita is happy but nervous at the same time worrying if Ram will like the food or not, Urmila said that she will invite Ram and also ask for his favorite food.

Siya Ke Ram 26 January 2016, Dasharath, Sita Swayamvar, Siya ke Ram

Dhasharath is shown visiting Kaikeyi and informing her about Ram’s greatness and how he fulfilled the condition at the Swayamvar. Kaikeyi shows disgrace in keeping any relation with the Mithila as they are below them, Dasharath condemns her ideology saying had he thought of this then being a Raguvanshi who is so high would have never married the three queens of his. Kaikeyi is left surprised.

Tomorrow Urmila will meet Ram, to ask his favorite food!



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