WhatsApp Crashed For A While; Affected Lots of People

WhatsApp Crashed; Affected Millions of Users: WhatsApp, one of the most used messaging service app got a temporary crash in few countries and millions of users got affected. The smartphone-based app is owned by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook and has more than 800+ million active users every month worldwide.

According to various reports, people from various countries complained that the app is not working well. The countries included India, Malasia, Japan, United States and Colombia. The Whatsapp crash was witnessed near around 19:30 IST.

However, the problem was fixed in around an hour’s time in most of the locations. Many people even posted their comments on Facebook about the problems they were facing with messaging app during the problem phase.

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WhatsApp Crashed Recently in Many Parts of World
WhatsApp Crashed Recently in Many Parts of World

Apparently, no engineer from Facebook or Whatsapp has commented anything upon the issue till now. It may be noted that the frequency of errors on Facebook and Whatsapp have increased briefly in last one year period.

WhatsApp Crashed – Reason WhatsApp Integration With Facebook?

According to some of the media reports, the reason behind the crash has been that Facebook is currently trying to integrate the Whatsapp with FB and enable the option to share the information between the two. Both Facebook and Whatsapp are the top 2 leading services which are used by majority of the people across the globe for communication purpose via chat.

Whatsapp New Updates

It is being claimed that the new updated version of WhatsApp will carry a lot of new features which will include end-to-end encryption indicator, video calling, document sharing.

In the new update of Whatsapp, there will be an option to get a notification that will notify the user that the messages are being exchanged and encrypted. However, it is still in its beta release and the new update will officially tell that what changes have been made to it.

WhatsApp is currently not one of the secure messaging service application and the engineering team is working really hard to make it more secure and it is possible that soon it will show some security indicators about encrypt the messages.

It will also have a feature which will allow the user to share the Whatsapp data with his Facebook account from the account setting option. This will allow Facebook to know that with whom you are interacting the most. Facebook has already tried this thing with their service Messenger as it asks for the user’s contact number while installing it in the phone. Now the same thing will be applied to chatting app as well with little modifications.

It will be really interesting to watch how the new updated version of messaging service app will work. For more latest and hot updates around the world, stay tuned to us.


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