Siya Ke Ram 26 November: Meeting The Mothers

Siya Ke Ram 26 November: Meeting The Mothers-

The soldiers confirm the news that the king of ‘sankasya’ was moving to attack Mithila with his army.

Disheartened Janak says, “I have never fought or attacked anyone, but if someone attacks on us, to save our people we will have to fight”. KushalDhwaj tells Janak “Brother, I will lead the army”.

“Do we have an army?” -Sita asked.he replied ‘our army was always kept out of the kingdom as our land of intellects never needed an army’.

“Is this Etiquette or atrocity, we are so close to our sons, but we can not see them” – Kaushalya said. In the grief of missing Ram, Kaushalya is remembering the tiny Ram (as for years she has not seen him), who is on his knees and while she is singing for him.

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Sumitra trying to console Kaushalya says- ‘It is important to be connected through the cord for its survival while a child is in the womb but once the child s out it becomes necessary to cut the cord or the child would die’.

Siya Ke Ram
Siya Ke Ram 26 November: Kaushalya in grief to meet Ram

The heavy-hearted kaushalya revealing her emotions says, ‘ how would anyone explain a woman who lost her daughter?”

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Siya Ke Ram 26 November: Meeting The Mothers

we will meet our sons in dreams as they do not ask for any etiquettes; only mother and son said the other two to Kaushalya who embraces the statue of her daughter kept aside.

Ram is uneased dreaming a nightmare and wakes up scared.

After offering prayers to the ancestors at ‘Smriti van’ boys are allowed to meet their mothers,

Considering the emotions of his younger brother’s Ram says, ‘we will meet Moter Sumitra first and then mother Kaikeyi and  then mother Kaushalya’

As the boys reach to greet the youngest mother Sumitra, excited queen tells them the story remembering to remember the day when maharishi came to do a “Yagya” for the attainment of sons. After the prayers the he gave ‘Payas’ to for conception of son Kaushalya who divided the ‘payas’ with other two queens as well, and as Kaushalya and Kaikeyi gave half from their share, hence she conceived Lakshman and Shatrughan. Then she blessed them and told them to meet other mothers,

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End of the show is marked when Kushaldhwaj is seeking  Janak’s blessings to go to the war, and Sita comes out pronouncing ‘even I will go the battlefield.


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